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Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival 2024

What began in 2013 as a modest track day organised by the 86 Owners Club and MR2 Owners Club has now evolved into one of the biggest single-manufacturer track days of the year. It didn’t matter what was under the hood; as long as it bore the Toyota or Lexus badge, you were welcomed with open arms.

The Magic Number – 1974 Mazda RX-3 Savanna GT Coupe

For Andy Duffin, it might just seem that three is most definitely the elusive magic number. Revered for his exploits in his crowd favourite 3-rotor FD RX-7, he’s come to the party with another magical three. Except this time, it’s old, it’s loud, and it’s a retro riot!

Pure Ecstasy – Widebody & Bagged Mazda RX-7 (FD3S)

Dan Moller’s 22-year journey to create one of the best-quality show builds unveiled in New Zealand in the past decade — an inch-perfect Series 6 RX-7 featuring one of the best paint jobs we at NZPC have ever seen, ticking every ‘feature car’ box there is to tick!

Digital Reality – 2.2-litre Evo VII

Trading in the Dual-Shock controller for a steering wheel and turning virtual dreams into reality — Shoneel Ram’s 2.2-litre Evo VII is a childhood fantasy in

The True School – FC3S Mazda RX7

Nostalgia, it seems, is accelerating. The new-old hotness is now the 1990s, from pop-up headlights to angular lines giving way to organic curves. The genesis

Cruise Mode: Sleeper MZ11 Soarer

    View fullsize   1981 Toyota Soarer MZ11 Name: Tom Acott // Age: 31 Location: Wellington // Occupation: Diesel mechanic     View fullsize   NZ Performance Car:

Mack daddy: bagged and bodied Evo X

    Temptation is dangerous when playing the show-car game — Khrunal’s Evo X is the by-product of giving in to that urge more times