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Pure Ecstasy – Widebody & Bagged Mazda RX-7 (FD3S)

Dan Moller’s 22-year journey to create one of the best-quality show builds unveiled in New Zealand in the past decade — an inch-perfect Series 6 RX-7 featuring one of the best paint jobs we at NZPC have ever seen, ticking every ‘feature car’ box there is to tick!

Digital Reality – 2.2-litre Evo VII

Trading in the Dual-Shock controller for a steering wheel and turning virtual dreams into reality — Shoneel Ram’s 2.2-litre Evo VII is a childhood fantasy in

The True School – FC3S Mazda RX7

Nostalgia, it seems, is accelerating. The new-old hotness is now the 1990s, from pop-up headlights to angular lines giving way to organic curves. The genesis

Weekend warrior: real-deal Skyline R31 GTS-R

    View fullsize   Name: Shannon Thickpenny // Age: 40 Location: Auckland // Occupation: Owner/CNC machinist at RS Works NZ Performance Car: Hey, Shannon. You’re no stranger to

Cruise Mode: Sleeper MZ11 Soarer

    View fullsize   1981 Toyota Soarer MZ11 Name: Tom Acott // Age: 31 Location: Wellington // Occupation: Diesel mechanic     View fullsize   NZ Performance Car:

Mack daddy: bagged and bodied Evo X

    Temptation is dangerous when playing the show-car game — Khrunal’s Evo X is the by-product of giving in to that urge more times

Oh Lawd! – 2007 Subaru WRX STI (GRB)

Stock-block, 320kW V11 STI hot-hatch madness — Shahel Pratap shows us that the Subaru platform can be a reliable one if done right. strap yourselves in folks, this one is spicy!

Lethal weapon: immaculate street-legal S13 drifter

    Weekend warrior: 1991 Nissan Silvia (S13) View fullsize   Name: Chevenne Hassan // Age: 23 Location: Christchurch // Occupation: Workshop coordinator     NZ Performance Car: Hi, Chevenne.

Dancing with a DOCHA – Mazda 323 Turbo

The Mazda 323 Turbo is Kiwi tuning royalty. Not only were these symbolic of the golden-era of Japanese import performance, but they also represented heavily on the rally stages, both locally and internationally. We detail and drive an example pedalled to the Asia Pacific Rally Championship, by none other than Rod Millen.