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Weekend warrior: real-deal Skyline R31 GTS-R

    View fullsize   Name: Shannon Thickpenny // Age: 40 Location: Auckland // Occupation: Owner/CNC machinist at RS Works NZ Performance Car: Hey, Shannon. You’re no stranger to

Cruise Mode: Sleeper MZ11 Soarer

    View fullsize   1981 Toyota Soarer MZ11 Name: Tom Acott // Age: 31 Location: Wellington // Occupation: Diesel mechanic     View fullsize   NZ Performance Car:

Mack daddy: bagged and bodied Evo X

    Temptation is dangerous when playing the show-car game — Khrunal’s Evo X is the by-product of giving in to that urge more times

Lethal weapon: immaculate street-legal S13 drifter

    Weekend warrior: 1991 Nissan Silvia (S13) View fullsize   Name: Chevenne Hassan // Age: 23 Location: Christchurch // Occupation: Workshop coordinator     NZ Performance Car: Hi, Chevenne.

Hyper stylish: 1UZ-stuffed MX-5

    Mixing subtle aero aesthetics with the bite of a four-litre heart, Philip Huynh’s ‘Hyper Roadster’ is every bit as rapid as its name

Track hackin’: 4 & Rotary Nationals track day

Is there a better feeling than finally getting to hit the track for some serious thrashing with your mates strapped into the passenger seats after having spent the better part of the last few weeks sleep deprived, broke and scrambling to get the car ready for the one an only 4 & Rotary Nationals? In that moment, not likely!