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Nismo Clubman Race Spec – 1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

Ah yes, we’re entering the retro-mod era, where the Japanese performance cars we’ve all known and loved are fast becoming classics and good folks such as Gwen are bringing them back to life, one epic restoration at a time!

JDM Icon – 1994 Toyota Trueno AE85

Join us, as we hit the touge with the South Island’s biggest AE85/86 enthusiasts, Andrew Saunders, with his 1984 Toyota Trueno — restored to JDM perfection!

Return of the Mak – Nissan Silvia S15 SR20VET

A comeback. Perfect balance. Innovative solutions and a carefully researched end-game all add up to S15 Silvia perfection, in a build that’s sure to make it to the upper echelons of the S-chassis pop charts

400R Street Style! – Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

The 400R is the unobtainium now, and if you could get one, would you enjoy owning it, being so rare? Melvin Sami wanted to build his ultimate R33 GT-R, paying homage to the iconic 400R platform.

Lets get ready to rumble – 2003 Subaru Legacy

Near-on 400kW of 2.2-litre boxer stroker shoehorned into one of New Zealand’s most iconic station wagons — we catch up with Josh Elmiger to see just what it takes to build one of New Zealand’s most epic wagons

Three Deep – Mazda RX3 3 Rotor

It’s only fitting that the 300th NZPC cover car has three rotors, is an RX-3, and wears the number plate 3DEEP. Get ready for one of the best — if not the best — RX-3 wagons to be built here in New Zealand!