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The History of HAVAL: Redefining the Specialist SUV Market

23 August 2021

GWM HAVAL is a specialist manufacturer of SUVs and recorded over 1 million units in global sales to become a deserving SUV expert in 2013. Only four years later, they launched in New Zealand.

With a dedication to building a high-quality and professional product lineup, their focus is to win the trust of their customers by creating a brand that moves their customers. Later that same year, HAVAL claimed the domestic SUV sales title for the 11th consecutive year in China. 

After launching in 2011, the HAVAL H6 became the only SUV model with monthly sales of over 30,000 units in China in October 2014. Later in 2016, the 2nd Gen HAVAL H6 launched in Australia and then officially launched in New Zealand.  

In 2019, at the HAVAL Global 5-million-sales Grand Ceremony and Global Strategic Conference, HAVAL upgraded its brand positioning from “SUV leader” to “Global Intelligent SUV Expert” and officially released the HAVAL 521 Globalisation strategy. 



The goal of the strategy is to achieve 2 million units within five years and become the global No.1 professional SUV brand. It also includes a commitment to sharing innovative technologies with excellent self-owned brands and achieving co-creation in intelligent drive areas. 

HAVAL is also a leader in intelligent drive, having won several major awards for driverless cars in May 2018. Furthermore, their company motto is small improvements every day, leading them to become one of the world’s fastest-growing mobility technology providers. 

To prove what they’re capable of, the all-new HAVAL H6 can park itself. The innovative, fully automatic parking system can let go of the steering wheel and the stress of reversing into a tight spot. 


Through years of innovating and pushing the limits, the future is bright for HAVAL. And their spirit to co-create and share technology with other well-known brands means a driverless car world is closer than it appears. 

The HAVAL H6 is nothing short of everything the HAVAL brand embraces. From its razor-sharp design to its total comfort, the HAVAL H6 is a masterpiece of modern engineering. Not to mention its state of the art safety features. For HAVAL, safety should never come at a premium. 

210228-HAVAL0315 (2).jpg

Beneath the comfort, safety and engineering, HAVAL H6 drivers drive smarter. Thanks to 14 RADARs, six cameras and an onboard supercomputer, it’s now easier than ever to stay connected when behind the wheel. 

To experience a stylish SUV that exceeds all safety, comfort and technology expectations, visit your nearest showroom or book a test drive today.