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Strap in for the Ride!

3 May 2021

Strap in tight, there’s a new parts store in town! Zoo Performance NZ specialises in a wide range of performance-related products, including fittings, hoses, oil and fuel systems, manifolds, throttle bodies, RTS G-Force gearboxes, and even Winters quick-change differentials. It also has a range of its own Zoo Performance NZ products. 

Introducing the Zoo Performance NZ six-point HANS and FIA-approved harnesses! These are a German-engineered and ultra-thin with high-tension webbing design, complete with lightweight cam lock. When you’re out on the track, drifting, or grip racing, it’s important you have a harness you can trust and one that’s comfortable — better yet, one that looks damn good. With five different colours and designs to choose from, there will no doubt be a style to match your interior perfectly, and with introductory pricing of $389.11 you’d be hard-pressed to find better value! Check out for more information and to purchase yours.