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Show and Shine Blitz at the Rotationals X Repco I Am Hope Meet 2023

4 July 2023

Unleashing the spirit of car culture: Relive the epic meet that rocked the roads of Auckland. We take you on a thrilling journey back to the roots of automotive passion

Words and Photos: Deven Solanki

A few years back, NZ Performance Car covered a street meet organized by Rotationals in issue 285. Picture this: Auckland’s streets, pulsating with energy as enthusiasts gathered for a casual hard park. The streets echoed with the roar of engines, a symphony of horsepower that paid homage to the roots on which car enthusiasts’ journeys and the entire car community were built. It was a celebration of speed, style, and sheer determination.

Over the past few years, Rotationals has consistently organized events all across Auckland. The attendance swelled from hundreds to thousands, as the word spread like wildfire through the car community. But with success came a challenge—they soon found themselves pushing the limits of Auckland’s streets, craving more space to accommodate their ever-growing events.

Fortunately, Repco, an incredible group of petrol-heads, reached out to Rotationals. They offered their support, essentially saying, “You guys take the lead in organizing the event as you wish, and we’ll provide the necessary assistance to make it happen.” This allowed Rotationals to host a collaborative event on a grand scale, breathing new life into car meets in Auckland.

Rotationals X Repco I Am Hope Meet was held at Mt Smart Stadium. This gathering brought together car enthusiasts from all over New Zealand for a charitable cause—raising funds for I Am Hope, an organization dedicated to promoting positive societal change regarding mental health and empowering young people with hope and a voice.

On the day of the event, we were blessed with beautiful sunny skies, painting the thriving atmosphere with a vibrant shade of blue. Three hours before the gates even opened, cars began lining up all around the surrounding area, making it evident that this would be one of the biggest events ever hosted in Auckland.

Enthusiasts had driven from various parts of New Zealand specifically for this event, eager to participate in the Show and Shine competition and support a worthy cause. Once the gates opened, cars flooded in like never before, filling the venue to its limits. Spanning just under four hours in the heart of Auckland, the event welcomed vehicles of all makes and models. From American classics to Japanese imports, European rides, and Australian muscle cars, the park-up was a celebration of automotive diversity.

Rotationals and Repco introduced a holographic die-cut sticker to the car enthusiast community, serving as a powerful symbol of support. Available for purchase prior to, during, and after the meet, this sticker garnered significant attention and appreciation. Every sticker sold contributed to the cause, as all proceeds were generously donated to the I Am Hope Charity. The enthusiasm of car enthusiasts and their dedication to making a difference resulted in an impressive total amount of $5950 raised.

The Rotationals X Repco I Am Hope Meet became a defining moment, etching its name into the very fabric of Auckland’s car scene. It was a testament to the passion, unity, and compassion that thrives within this community. Through the exhaust fumes and squeeling brakes, the event showcased the immense impact that can be made when enthusiasts unite in support of a meaningful cause.