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Product review: MaxxECU PRO

3 November 2020



Forget workarounds. Tuning masterminds working with pro racers want the most advanced and programmable engine control system, and this is it. The MaxxECU PRO can access just about any information, allowing engine controls to be tuned to perfection. Comes with MTune software for intuitive tuning with a wide range of shortcuts, plus real-time monitoring and control through the MDash Android app. Features include launch, traction, knock, and boost control (triple stage), nitrous (stages), shift-cut, Vanos/VVT, CAN bus (dual), auto transmission support, drag racing functions, and flex fuel. 

Inputs: 2 knock sensor, 12 EGT (separate harness), plus 22 extra analogue and 10 extra digital inputs. Outputs: 16 injector (high/low impedance), 12 ignition,  30 extra outputs (gpo), wideband Lambda (dual), e-throttle (dual), waterproof aluminium case, Bluetooth, and accelerometer. For pricing and availability call Geoff on 027 274 7339 or visit for more information.