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Inside Llama Engineering

26 August 2021

We take a look around the new premises of one of Wellington’s top performance shops


One-stop performance shop Llama Engineering recently held an open day to showcase their new premises in Alicetown. Llama are well equipped to cater for all makes and models, offer a range of services from dyno tuning, auto electrical, engine building, fabrication,machining and cover off all performance tuning needs.

Collectively the team have over 20 years’ experience tuning engines using the dynapack system, the open day started off with a demonstration of their dyno. Llama uses hub dynos instead of a rolling road due to the sensitivity and repeatability they deliver,it’s via this technology and consistency that they’re able to achieve the performance gains well in excess of what the engine made from the factory.



The workshop floor was open to roam with a range of projects to check out, one of which was Gil Spencer’s Nissan Silvia S13, powered by a Toyota 4.0L 1UZ running on E85. Previously built, it came to Llama for an engine overhaul, with additional work of a brake upgrade and a suspension redesign. A good example of the type of work Llama can do. The car has gone from one that could hardly finish a race at GTRNZ events, to winning GT2 series for 2021.

A key part of Llama’s focus is performance engine development. As part of the build process the experienced team consults with customers to determine what exactly is required from a build. All around the workshop there were customers’ engines individually bagged and tagged on pallets or stacked on shelves ready to be stripped down and rebuilt. During the speedway off-season there’s a client base that’s always knocking at the door for new engines for the next season, just because an open day was going on, work didn’t stop on the engine deliveries and drop-offs.


Another key service offered by Llama is precision CNC and pre-production prototyping.

Llama carry out full design prototype and machining to the highest specifications using in-house CNC machines, also providing full in-house design capability using the latest Solidworks & Fusion360 software. Having only recently moved into the new building, only one of their CNC machines was up and running at the open day, but there were demos throughout the day making some brass-plated key rings with engraved company logos, which drew an interested throng to view the process. It’s not your typical inclusion in a regular workshop, although in this day and age it’s what’s needed to become a one-stop shop.


Having an all-access pass to the shop and the projects in the build on the workshop floor, each with their own unique look and story behind them, and seeing what machines and how they’re used to make the magic happen in this place made the day equal parts entertaining and informative, the free hot dogs certainly went down OK too. Definitely comprehensive in the range of services and specialised skills that they offer. Llama Engineering have put together an impressive one-stop performance workshop in their new premises; check them out at 29 Wakefield St, Alicetown, or give them a call on 04 650 3772 for ECU or dyno tuning, engine builds, custom fabrication, or race car prep.