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Evo X Rated – 415kW Forged 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR

13 September 2023

There’s full bolt-ons, then there’s another realm beyond that — Shivneel pushed past the generic and entered into full race car territory with his road-going Evo X. Are we mad about it? Hell no!

Words: René Vermeer Photos: Deven Solanki

Shivneel Prasad, a 27-year-old accountant from Auckland, has always had a passion for Japanese all-wheel-drive turbocharged cars. He has owned several impressive performance cars in the past, including three Evo Xs and a GT-R R35. All having something in common, it’s evident that Shivneel likes getting the power to the ground and propelling forward as quickly as possible. However, it was the Evo X platform that captured his heart yet again, and inspired him to embark on a one-of-a-kind build to achieve his dream of creating one of the fastest and most unique Evo Xs in New Zealand.

Last year, Shivneel made the decision to part ways with his beloved GT-R R35 and instead purchased a black 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR. Knowing exactly what he wanted to build, he immediately handed the Evo over to Dodson Motorsport (DMS) to commence an extensive project with its team — expert at modifying a certain type of transmission, but more on that later. 

Under the hood, the car boasts the factory-fitted 4B11 2000cc four-cylinder engine that has now undergone extensive modifications. The block now features Darton sleeves, CP forged pistons, Manley Turbo Tuff I-beam rods, and King Engine Bearings pMaxKote main and big-end bearings, secured with ARP main studs. The head has been upgraded with ARP head studs, ARP cam tower studs, a Tomei 1.3mm head gasket, Supertech valve guides, and Kelford 214-C camshafts. Other enhancements include Supertech cam followers, Brian Crower (BC) inlet and exhaust valves, and a Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control System (MIVEC) delete on the exhaust side to round out the kind of cylinder head and block required to make big, big power reliably.

To maximise airflow into the turbo, an Extreme Turbo System (ETS) four-inch intake with a 3.5-inch mass airflow (MAF) sensor has been installed. The custom four-inch turbo-back exhaust system, featuring dual-exit with 101mm Adrenalin R exhaust tips and an ETS twin-scroll manifold, ensures efficient, sufficient exhaust flow. Making the most of that cylinder head flow, Shivneel opted for the high-tech BorgWarner EFR8374 turbocharger, paired with two 38mm TiAL MVS wastegates and a Turbosmart Raceport blow-off valve (BOV) to complete the turbocharger system. 

The fuel system has been upgraded with a Radium fuel rail, Injector Dynamics ID1700X injectors, Radium fuel-pump hanger, two Walbro fuel pumps, and a Radium fuel-pressure regulator (FPR). The ignition system remains factory, while a MoTeC M130 ECU allows the tuner full control. To keep intake air and coolant temps down, an ETS four-inch intercooler, Tegiwa aluminium radiator, and silicone radiator-hose kit have been installed. 

The Evo X’s transmission has also been given special attention at DMS, as, interestingly, Shivneel opted for the Sportronic Shift Transmission (SST) over the more commonly purchased manual counterpart. Similar to Volkswagen’s dual-clutch transmission, the SST has been enhanced with a DMS heated sump kit, Evo X 24 Fork upgrade kit, and AMS Performance trans cooler. A DMS SST Sportsman Plus clutch kit ensures reliable power delivery, while the factory differentials remain in place and are currently getting the power down. Expert in building high-power dual-clutch cars, you can see now why Shivneel opted for a complete DMS build. 

In terms of suspension, the Evo X is equipped with BC BR Series coilovers, providing ample ride height and shock control. The braking system, although stout in factory trim, now features Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) T3 slotted heat-treated discs, Goodridge stainless brake lines, and Endless MX72 brake pads to make the most of the factory hardware and componentry. 

The Evo X’s exterior receives some tasteful enhancements, including a carbon-fibre front lip, side skirts, and a Voltex rear wing. DRL Bar projector headlights and VL and LED tail-lights add a modern touch. The factory paint remains intact and is still in incredibly decent shape — however, the Evo X’s exterior isn’t its main party piece. 

With a staggering 415kW at the wheels, this Evo X is a true powerhouse. Boosting at 25psi and running on 98-octane fuel, the Evo X is a force to be reckoned with on the streets of Ta¯maki Makaurau. The tuning was expertly handled by David at Tune Technic, ensuring optimal performance and drivability.

Inside the cabin, the factory seats and steering wheel have been retained. But the instrument cluster has been upgraded to a Link MX5 Strada Street Edition dash, which provides vital performance information to the driver.

When asked about his future plans for the car, Shivneel states that he has already done everything necessary to make this Evo X the ultimate SST. He has invested a significant amount of money into the build and now plans to take a step back and simply enjoy driving this powerful weapon.

Shivneel Prasad’s Evo X is a testament to the passion, dedication, and vision of an enthusiast that knows exactly what he wants — which is definitely different from the norm. With its jaw-dropping performance and unique modifications, this SST monster no doubt pulls unlike anything else. Shivneel has built what is essentially a road-going race car that would no doubt dominate whatever came up against it on the street, strip, or circuit. Are we sleeping on the SST model Evo Xs? After this goes to print, you better find one quick!


This article originally appeared in New Zealand Performance Car issue 303