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Armageddon 2020 forges ahead with virtual guests

28 August 2020



The nation’s ultimate pop-culture event, Auckland Armageddon, will return to ASB Showgrounds on 23–26 October 2020, although it won’t be like we’ve seen it before. Rolling with the punches that have been the past six months, organizers have battled the fact that there is currently no way to have international guests attend in person due to travel restrictions and quarantine rules. Faced with this issue, Armageddon has created an all-new experience, hosting virtual guests with a live audience. 

For 2020, the biggest names in TV, film, animation, and gaming will be beamed in from overseas and displayed on massive screens on the event stages to interact with attendees and the stage host directly. You’ll still get the full celebrity experience, be able to ask questions directly, and interact in real time with guests from all over the world. A bonus is that it means guests who would not normally be able to attend due to filming schedules or time restrictions will be able to be part of the show! It will be a super-exclusive affair, with each guest appearing for a single one-hour panel, making every day unique and a must-see. 

This format also means that multiple guests from the same show can be brought together for cast reunions. Organizers have already locked in a large group from each of Star Trek: Discovery and Babylon 5. Obviously there won’t be autograph and photo opportunities with these guests, but there will be a smaller number of in-person stars who are already in the country plus all our local talent

For further details, ticketing information, and the full guest list — to be announced two weeks before the event — visit