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Turnout: the Car Enthusiasts Companion

2 September 2020



Revolutionizing car meets and cruises with the Turnout app

Meeting up with friends or complete strangers at the local hangout spot and taking your car out for a solid cruise is the absolute staple of this car scene we all love. We’ve been doing it for what feels like a millennium and there is absolutely no doubt that future generations will be doing exactly the same. There’s no better way to show off your car, meet new people, and log serious amounts of main-/back-street patrolling than getting out to a meet and cruise. 

There’s always been one catch, though: logistics. Without a universal plan in place and effective means of communication, these events can quickly break apart and dissolve in the midst of it all.

That’s where the Turnout app comes in. It’s a New Zealand–designed and –developed app that gives you a platform from which you can create/find events, navigate, convoy, and chat all in the one place! Think Pokémon Go, Twitch gaming community, Waze, Walkie Talkie, and Discord for car enthusiasts.

As a host, the app allows you to set convoy routes and locations that can be joined and shared by anyone. Those engaged with the event are displayed in the turn-by-turn navigation screen, allowing all those participating to see the convoy’s location, while the voice-chat function means you stay plugged into the conversation, facilitating route/location discussions on the fly, or can simply yarn with your mates. It even has inbuilt weather reports and speed-camera detection! 

The team is also working on gamification phase one, which will integrate the app’s current features with challenges and faction wars that gain XP, coins, and in-app rewards. 

Play with your friends and become a community leader, because that’s what Turnout is all about: a platform that is entirely community driven. Discover, share, and connect with like-minded individuals everywhere you go.

The Turnout app is free to download and the free account gives you access to all the functions with 10 voice-chat convoys. Premium membership upgrades you to unlimited voice-chat convoy use.

Download now from the App Store or Google Play, or check out the website at