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Cruise Mode: Matthew Dodds’ SR20DET-powered Primera

20 July 2020




Name: Matthew Dodds // Age: 27
Location: Auckland // Occupation: Assistant grooming manager

NZ Performance Car: Hi, Matt. Tell us how you got into modifying cars and why you chose this Primera.
Matt: Hi, NZPC. Well, ever since I was young, my dad has always worked on his cars. I guess I took after his habit of working on them myself. Nissans were always my favourite. I had an SR20DE Primera some years ago and missed it. I figured, why not build a quick turbo one? Plus, you don’t see many turbo Primeras out there, as they didn’t come factory turbo like some other SR-powered chassis.

What was the intention for the car initially and has it stuck to that plan?
I initially wanted a unique turbo Nissan. I got this and it is now where I wanted it to be all along, so I guess, yes, it has stuck to that plan. I’ve tidied everything up, changed the wheels, installed the factory Altia bodykit with TEV spoiler, done the headlights and tail lights, and a few engine modifications. I’m pretty happy with how it progressed.

How does it get used?
I normally only take it out on weekends to car meets, but every now and then I’ll daily-drive it to work or out and about.

What’s your favourite part of the car?
My favourite part of the car would have to be the power on acceleration, definitely. The whole idea was to have that unique turbo Primera, and I think a lot of people underestimate that when they see the car.

If you could change one thing, what would it be?
I would love to make the car all-wheel drive and put a bit more boost into it. But, for now, I’m just going to get a decent tune and install the vented bonnet I have for it to help keep engine-bay temps down.

Thanks for sharing, Matt.