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Weekend Warrior: Robbie Jonker’s RB25DET-powered C34

15 April 2020




Name: Robbie Jonker // Age: 33 // Location: Christchurch // Occupation: Fabricator/owner at JB Fab

NZ Performance Car: Hey, Robbie. You’re known as a man of many talents; what sparked your interest in building a drift car?
Robbie: I really just wanted to get involved with drifting as a hobby, so I bought an R32 four-door, did a few things to that, then sold it and had a few A31 Cefiros, and now I’ve found my way into this one.

Coming from the more traditional drift chassis, how did you wind up in the C34?
Well, I didn’t really choose it, I stumbled upon it. My friend Vinny, who imported it from Japan, showed it to me at his house. I really liked the fact no one here really did much with them, so I sparked up a deal with him to acquire it.

What was the intention for the car initially? 
It was meant to be a cheap, fun track car, but once we started working on it we found the motor was having a few issues and needed attention. We freshened it up inside and added a few pieces to try and make it as reliable as we can.

And you’ve wound up doing a bit more since, huh?
Yeah, it’s had quite a lot done since I got it. The exterior remains mainly the same; I wanted to keep it as original and clean as possible. I have just changed up the wheels, done new bearings, piston rings, head refresh, Remax oil pump, cambelt, and all the rest in the motor. I also slapped a few goodies onto it: front-facing plenum, de-capped injectors, TD06 turbo, and a one-off mid-mount manifold I made in-house for the sound and look. The cage is super basic, as I wanted to retain as much as I could in there, that’s been the whole idea — to keep it basic and simple.

How often does it manage to get out?
I have had it out quite a bit now, mainly fun days, as it’s not really set up for competitions. My wife has also been using it to learn how to drift while we build up her S14.

That’s rad! What’s next on the cards for it?
Really just a freshen-up. I want to get the paint tidied up, as it’s getting a bit tired, but apart from that have fun with it!

Solid plan. Cheers, Robbie.

1996 Nissan Laurel (C34)

Engine: Nissan RB25DET (S2), 2498cc, six-cylinder; TD06 20G turbo, JB Fab manifold, custom three-inch stainless-steel exhaust, TiAL F46 wastegate, stainless-steel screamer, collared crank, Remax N1 oil-pump gears, MLS head gasket, ARP head studs, ACL bearings, modified RB30 rings, new OEM cambelt, new OEM steam seals, Link G4+ Monsoon ECU, custom loom, NZ Wiring trigger kit
Driveline: RB25DET five-speed manual, billet 7kg flywheel, Exedy five-puck clutch, Nismo two-way limited-slip differential (LSD)
Interior: Sparco driver’s seat, HPI harness, Recaro passenger’s seat, Takata harness, six-point roll cage
Exterior: Factory
Wheels/tyres: (F) 15×8-inch Work Ewing 2, 205/50R15 Goodride Sport RS; (R) 15×8.5-inch Formula Mesh, 205/50R15 Hankook
Suspension: Final Konnexion coilovers, extended lower control arms, JB Fab knuckles
Power: 296kW
Fuel type: NPD 100
Tuner: PAD Racing