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Honda Type R (FK8) refresh + Phoenix Yellow!

28 March 2020



It’s been a few years since we got behind the wheel of Honda’s latest R-badge offering, but for 2020 the model will receive a mid-cycle refresh that tackles braking, suspension, steering, and exterior hue.

Honda debuted the changes at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show, announcing that its engineers had developed a new two-piece rotor with upgraded pads for better high-speed stopping. Attention has also been focused on handling, with the engineers opting for stiffer rear bushes to reduce flex and improve grip, and revising the front suspension and steering components. Honda hasn’t stated what exactly it has done in that department, but promises a more direct steering feel. 

The dampers have been optimized for further comfort, and close look at the grille shows it has been increased in size to improve airflow to the intake. A new colour called Boost Blue is now available and Honda have just announced the revival of its limited edition Phoenix Yellow hue!