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Room for both Gazoo Racing and TRD, says Toyota

21 March 2020



For a good 40-odd years, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has been Toyota’s performance division, supplying uprated parts and top-spec trims on new-release models.

However, in 2017 TRD’s sole reign ended with the conception of Gazoo Racing (GR), which has cemented its place in the standings with its current association with the A90 Supra released last year, as well as having both the new Toyota 86 (GR86) and GR Yaris launched under the sub-brand. It seemed like TRD was on the brink of disappearing, but you can rest easy knowing that Toyota’s group vice president of marketing, Ed Laukes, doesn’t think that will happen any time soon.

“In the end, TRD and GR can coexist. TRD has a long lineage … and the American consumer likes the TRD brand,” Laukes said. “While TRD are more refined and improved existing Toyota vehicles, GR models are bespoke, a sole performance deviation in the line-up.”