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Daily driven: David Eel Ho Lee’s 2019 Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

6 March 2020




Name: David Eelho Lee // Age: 29
Location: Auckland // Occupation: Insurance broker

NZ Performance Car: Hi, David. Tell us how you got into cars.
David: Hey, NZPC. I got my first car when I was 19. It was a Nissan Cube, and when my mate boosted me with his R34 GT-T, I bought an S15 to get into the car game. That’s how it all started. I then got into drifting and had an R33 GTS-25T that I used at Meremere and Hampton Downs amateur days before going through a few other cars.

What made you want to own an FK8? 
Well, my wife actually bought it for me as a birthday present. It’s my first brand-new car [laughs]. I won’t be getting any birthday presents for the next 10 years! It’s the second Honda out of roughly 13 cars I’ve owned, but the main drawcard was that it was a factory turbo Honda and had just set the Nürburgring record (7min 43.8s).

With it being a new car and under warranty, were you worried about modifying it? 
I’m still hesitant because of its value, but will slowly get to modifying more. I am enjoying every single moment while at it.

What have you done to it so far? 
So far I’ve kept it simple, as above; it’s still a very new car. It now has an Invidia Cat Back and front pipe and an Injen intake with K&N filter, and I’ve lowered it on Work Emotion T7R with under-glow lights. In the future I want to do the downpipe and intercooler, then add an oil cooler and tune it. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy it on both the street and the track.

Simple and effective! Can you tell us what the number plate means?
It’s actually Czech for ‘smoked’, but is also an alternative way to pronounce my wife’s name (Yujin).

An accurate sentiment for an FK8! Thanks, David.

2019 Honda Civic Type R (FK8)
K20C1, 1996cc, four-cylinder; Injen SP short ram cold air intake, K&N filter, Invidia Cat Back R400 exhaust, Invidia 70mm front pipe
Driveline: Six-speed manual Interior: Factory
Exterior: Factory, OPT7 Underglow, window tints
Wheels/tyres: 18×9.5-inch (+38) Work Emotion T7R, 265/35R18 Nexen N’Fera SUR4G
Suspension: Electromagnetic adjustable suspension, Eibach lowering springs
Power: 230kW
Fuel type: BP95