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AVAILABLE NOW: Mad Mike The Biography by NZ Performance Car

31 January 2020



He’s arguably our most famous name in import motorsport, having crafted a wild collection of rotary-based weaponry, and taking his in-your-face style to the world stage to carve out a name for himself — yep, we’re talking about ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett. What Mike and his small Kiwi team have managed to achieve from their NZ-based shop is amazing. Battling against the biggest names in the business in Formula Drift, winning the Japanese championship, and executing multiple incarnations of the biggest standalone drift event in the world. Utter his name and everyone in the room will have heard of his exploits, one way or another.

In late 2019, we put the finishing touches on a special edition of NZ Performance Car, currently on sale this month alongside the regular issue. Its focus is on Mike’s story — looking behind the curtain at his insane fleet of cars, his journey to becoming a household name, and the achievements that have been racked up along the way.

Mad Mike The Biography by NZ Performance Car is available now at all regular outlets and online at