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NZV8 x NZ Performance Car quickest streeters shoot-out

11 August 2019



We’ve long included a list of the country’s quickest street cars in each issue of NZV8 and NZ Performance Car, acting as a tracker for who’s where and what the current ‘benchmarks’ are, so to speak. Now’s the time for all those on the list to put their money where their ETs are and shoot it out for ultimate glory at the 2020 Street Shoot-Out. Set up purely for those on the NZV8 and NZ Performance Car Quickest Streeters list,* the shoot-out will run as part of the Track Outlaws event at Meremere Dragway on 2 February 2020.

Entrants will pay a $130 buy-in, with $30 per driver going into the prize pool. There will be two qualifying runs, with a pro-tree format, over the full quarter, before the top eight pair off to shoot it out. The remaining drivers will go into a round robin. As track outlaws, racers must front when called to lanes, hat draw, or starting line, and, if they’re late, they’re out.

Trophies will be awarded to the winners of the top-eight shoot-out and the non-top-eight round robin, with the prize pool split between the two.

Keep an eye on the NZV8 and Meremere Dragway Facebook pages for further information, to be released closer to the date.

*An eligible car must: hold a current WOF, rego, and LVVTA certification — as raced, if required; drive down the return road under its own power; have raced within the past two years; run on a gasoline-based fuel; run a 9.99-second or quicker ET; and the time must be run while car is in the possession of its current owner.

Sponsored by:
C & M Performance
Meremere Dragway
Southall Construction
Danny’s Auto’s
NZV8 Magazine
Tommo’s Tyres
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