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Full coverage: Fire, Theft and Storage with NAC Insurance

8 July 2019




Covering your projects when it comes to fire, theft, and storage

Most people reading this will be very familiar with the practice of modifying cars and will have learned that once a car goes in the garage and parts start coming off, it may be there for some time — some will even know first-hand that it can mean years in the making.

So, whether you’re spending those late nights in the garage building your ultimate race car, own a seldom-driven show car that simply collects dust until its next outing, or have the burden of a never-ending project car still in a million pieces that you can’t seem to stop loving, it’s best to have a plan in place to protect yourself in case the unexpected happens.

NAC Insurance offers an affordable solution for exactly that with its Fire, Theft and Storage policy for cars that don’t easily fall under the protection of regular policies. It provides cover for when your car is tucked away in a nominated storage location (e.g., your home garage or storage facility) that has been assessed for risk against fire and theft.

Nothing is more gutting than finding out that the car in which you’ve invested so much time, money, and effort has gone missing at the hands of a thief or been damaged in the event of a fire. If you take out a Fire, Theft and Storage policy, you’re required to notify NAC where the work is being completed and take all reasonable care to reduce the risk of fire, theft, or other damage to the car — one rogue spark can cause a whole lot of damage!

Spare parts that are fitted or stored within the car are also covered when stored within the nominated location. If the car is being transported elsewhere, it is covered in the event that the tow vehicle is involved in an accident and the towed car is damaged as a result.

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