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Long live the party: 4 & Rotary Jamboree 2019

11 May 2019




Full coverage of the 10th anniversary V 4&Rotary North Island Jamboree

Every city, town, and suburb has its own flavour of major event that its population has locked into the calendar and counts down the days towards — whether you’re fizzing to get your hands on a new hay baler at Fieldays, waiting for the national rugby team to play at your stadium, or simply want to get the best spot on the main street for the Santa Parade lolly scramble. However, for the past decade in Feilding, that year-long countdown is all in anticipation of the Manawatu region’s biggest automotive event: the V 4&Rotary North Island Jamboree.

Above: Charlie Baines’ R34 GT-R sees no corners cut. Built by Ethan at Hi-Power Performance, everything from the N1 RB26DETT block to the fully built head, HKS 2.8-litre stroker kit, Precision 6466 huffer, and Haltech Elite 2500 ECU were brand spanking new — even the Getrag six-speed was fresh out of the box! The package made a hefty 666kW at all fours on NDT Development’s dyno, thanks to a few of Ethan’s secret herbs and spices, and took out Build Quality and Power Output in Tough Street. Keep an eye out for a full feature in the near future

The event has become a staple not only for the residents of the small town but for anyone in the surrounding areas who enjoys the smell of petrol, and it regularly draws cars from the far north of the country right to the deep south. The party has been raging so hard that we almost forgot to stop and realize the fact that, as of the 2019 incarnation — which went down 23–24 March — Jambo has been a decade of radness! That’s 10 years of overrunning the Manfeild show hall and cutting infinite amounts of laps around track. What was once a single-day hitter is now an even bigger double dosage of modified perfection.

Below: While a Ford Falcon may not fall within our usual wheelhouse, there’s really no denying the appeal of Jack Aidem’s ‘HSVH8R’ XR6 Turbo (FG). From that crisp orange paintwork, ground-scrapping ride height, and hulking four-litre turbo straight-six Barra, to an infinite choice of solid wheels thanks to the 5×114.3 stud pattern — seen here sitting over a set of Work CR 2Ps measuring in at 19×9.5-inch (+15) and 19×10.5-inch (+25) — what’s not to love?

The attraction to the event for those beyond the region’s borders remains strong, as you can bet your arse that there will be examples in attendance that won’t be seen anywhere but Jambo. This year, we were treated a serious line-up of heavy hitters. Come awards time, the calibre of cars that punters were dealing with was clear: the likes of the long-awaited, top-to-bottom, front-to-back-engineered, 2JZ-powered Subaru WRX STi of Reuben Bemrose, and the unveiling of former ‘JOKER’ 20B-powered Ford Courier owner Paul Gibson’s new creation — the fully custom ‘BAT-ITUDE’ Barra-powered Ford Anglia. Both were supported by a gaggle of New Zealand staples that included Anthony Wong’s version 3 RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) Porsche 964, James Mangin’s authentically shakotan Rocket Bunny S15, Steve Ellicott’s freshly revamped 808 skid wagon–come–award winner, and the ex–Vick Bhatti Liberty Walk R35 GT-R — plus a shit ton of sweet local examples that represented pretty much any style you could have asked for.

If you didn’t make it out this year, don’t stress — Jambo will be around for a long time to come, and we’ve got the exclusive on all the goodness you missed out on right here.

Despite looking as though it could have rolled off the Toyota production line back in 1979, Richard MacNaughton’s Hillman Avenger wagon is of the English variety, albeit now powered by a stout individual throttle body (ITB)–laden 1UZ-FE. It was recognized with a nod for Best 8 Cyl Piston come awards time, and you can bet we’d drive the hell out of it five-up come summer time!

This stark yellow shakotan-style S14 may have been on the fast track to being one of the most anticipated street car builds of the year under previous owner Jared Croft, but it has since been sold to Steve Kerr of Stealth Ride, who tells us that he has just purchased an Autech SR20DE with the intention of keeping the engine bay as pure as possible, fitting it out with ITBs and a high-rise exhaust manifold

Featured back in NZPC Issue No. 262 under Tom Warren’s ownership, this WRX STi wagon was a SR20VET drift car before the engine was transplanted into Tom’s current S15 and the rolling body sold off. Jesse Harris has revived the STi to remain as an SR-powered chassis, converting the front-wheel-drive SR20VET build destined for his P10 Primera project to send power rearwards via an S14 five-speed gear-swapper

There’s last minute, then there’s wrapping-your-car-outside-the-show-on-the-trailer last minute. Lucky for Josh Parore, the decision to change up the car’s hue at the 11th hour paid off and does well to tie together the Rocket Bunny–style bodykit and big-dish Work Meister 3P combo

Michael Kim’s Libero may have been devoid of the Enkei Tarmacs we last saw it on, opting for a set of fresh steelies for that ready-to-party vibe, but it’s now even tougher under the bonnet, with the 4G63 having received a new Precision 6466 that helped it crack the 500kW mark

Having cleaned up the show circuit for years with his ‘JOKER’ 20B-powered Ford Courier — winning more than 150 awards in its time — Paul Gibson unveiled the next legacy in his show car line-up: the ‘BAT-ITUDE’ Ford Anglia. Roof chopped, body widened, Barra turbo powered, and custom work damn near everywhere you look inside and out, it unsurprisingly stole the show with nine awards, including nods for Best Engineering and People’s Choice


Internet influence lord and BCITO apprentice Reuben Bemrose “woo’d the peasants” by dragging his Instagram follower–collecting Garrett GTX5533 Gen 2 snail — which appears to have some kind of 2JZ and WRX combination attached to the end of it — out of the shed. The car’s nearing completion after decades in the build, and earned him the highly coveted awards for Best 6 Cyl Piston, Best 1990–1999, Best Extreme Paint, and Best Engine Bay for the effort

Making eye-catching statements in 2019 can be a hardball task, but if anything stood out most in the loud department it was Tara Blake’s Subaru WRX STi V11, wearing a custom Wrap Innovations paint-splatter wrap over its MntRider widebody

You simply cannot deny the presence that a well-oiled classic has. Laying eyes on survivor steel or an example rescued from the brink of death is never an unhappy experience, which is probably why Matt Dunstan took out the award for Best Mazda with his recently restored piston-powered 1970 Mazda 1800

Show car stalwart Vick Bhatti may have sold his most recent build — the ‘ILL35T’ R35 GT-R, which was also there with its new owner, cleaning up the awards — but he wasn’t about to be caught lacking. This 2008 Toyota HiAce has been slammed over a set of 20×9.5-inch (+0) wheels, completely shaven front to back, had its front-end converted to 2014 facelift-spec with a custom bonnet, and has a custom bodykit all round


Rotary Class
Best RX3/808: Steve Ellicott, Mazda 808 (‘LOROTA’)
Best Late Model RX: Jaysen Eveleigh, Mazda RX-7 (‘DORITO’)
Best RX323: Rod Khoey, Mazda RX323 (‘NOLAG’)
Best Rotary Conversion: Shaun Williams, Mazda 323 (‘3TWO3’)
Best Commercial RX: Todd Holland, Mazda Bongo (‘REAUTO’)
RX Master: Steve Ellicott, Mazda 808 (‘LOROTA’)

Piston Class
Best 4 Cyl Piston: Dan Haworth, Nissan Silvia (‘DEV1AT’)
Best 6 Cyl Piston: Reuben Bemrose, Subaru WRX
Best 8 Cyl Piston: Richard MacNaughton, Chryser Avenger
Best Pre 1969: Paul Gibson, Ford Anglia
Best 1970–1989: Leighton Hamilin, Datsun 240K GT
Best 1990–1999: Reuben Bemrose, Subaru WRX
Best 2000–2009: Hinewai Waitoa, Nissan GT-R (‘ILL35T’)
Best 2010+: Vika May, Audi S3 (‘V33KS’)
Best Piston Conversion: Paul Gibson, Ford Anglia
Best Commercial Piston: Matt Keeys, Chevrolet pickup
Best Piston Vehicle Overall: Paul Gibson, Ford Anglia

Club Awards
Best Club Theme/Display: New Zealand Fijian Car Club
Best Club Attitude: Girls in Motorsport
Best Presented Vehicles: Wellington RE
New Club on the Block: Deathtrap
Overall Top Club Runner Up: Wellington RE
Overall Top Club: New Zealand Fijian Car

Manufacturer Class
Best Subaru: Tara Blake, Subaru WRX (‘MAQWET’)
Best Honda: Danny Morar, Honda Accord Euro R
Best Toyota: Charlie Baines, Toyota Corolla Levin
Best Nissan: Hinewai Waitoa, Nissan R35 (‘ILL35T’)
Best Mazda: Matt Dunstan, Mazda 1800
Best Ford: Paul Gibson, Ford Anglia
Best Mitsubishi: Matt Frecklington, Mitsubishi Evo (‘D0PERS’)
Best Euro Runner up: Imran Khan, Volkswagen Golf GTI (‘BOUNZZ’)
Best Euro: Vika May, Audi S3 (‘V33KS’)

Tough Street
Graphics: Debbie Wisneski, Nissan S15 (‘SHEROX’)
Innovation: Greg Jones (‘Exocet’)
Engineering: Greg Jones (‘Exocet’)
Build Quality: Charlie Baines, Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
Driver’s Attitude: Charlie Baines, Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
Wheels: Khrunal Mahendra, Mitsubishi Evo X (‘NZEVOX’)
Interior: Khrunal Mahendra, Mitsubishi Evo X (‘NZEVOX’)
Engine Bay: Suhail Sahib, Datsun Sunny (‘NFORCA’)
BodyKit: Khrunal Mahendra, Mitsubishi Evo X (‘NZEVOX’)
Paint: Khrunal Mahendra, Mitsubishi Evo X (‘NZEVOX’)
Display: Mitchel Hurran, Nissan S15 (‘EATRFB’)
Power Output: Charlie Baines, Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)

Race Car Awards
Best Drag Style: Nigel Nunn, Mitsubishi Evo (‘GTOFME’)
Best Circuit Style: Eveleigh Motorsport, Nissan DR30

Open Class
Best Paint: Steve Ellicott, Mazda 808 (‘LOROTA’)
Best Original Paint: Matthew Weir, Nissan Silvia
Best Extreme Paint: Reuben Bemrose, Subaru WRX
Best Undercarriage, Suspension & Brakes: Paul Gibson, Ford Anglia
Best Engine Bay: Reuben Bemrose, Subaru WRX
Best Displayed Vehicle: Paul Gibson, Ford Anglia
Best Graphics: Tara Blake, Subaru WRX (‘MAQWET’)
Best BodyKit: Hinewai Waitoa, Nissan R35 (‘ILL35T’)
Best Engineering: Paul Gibson, Ford Anglia
Best Minitruck: Jarred Webber, Mazda B2000
Best Rims & Tyres Suited to Vehicle: Hinewai Waitoa, Nissan R35 (‘ILL35T’)
Best Stance: Steve Ellicott, Mazda 808 (‘LOROTA’)
Best Extreme Stance: Steve Kerr, Nissan S14 (‘EVILSX’)
Best Original Interior: Claire Eveleigh (‘RXGURL’)
Best Modified Interior: Paul Gibson, Ford Anglia
Best VIP Style Vehicle: Shaunie Fraser-White, Nissan Gloria
Standout/Encouragement Award: Bevan Taylor, Toyota Corolla DX (‘DOPEDX’)
Standout/Encouragement Award: Jake Iwanica, Holden R8 Maloo (‘NEPTNE’)
Standout/Encouragement Award: Michael Jarrett, Toyota Starlet
Standout/Encouragement Award: Dan Peterson, Toyota Corolla KE30 (‘1DVSKE’)
Standout/Encouragement Award: Syequille Jones, Ford Ranger and Nissan GT-R (electric ride-ons)
People’s Choice: Paul Gibson, Ford Anglia