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Tesla Cybertruck on sale in New Zealand

28 December 2019



Tesla’s Cybertruck has absolutely demoed the Internet for a fortnight, swallowing up nearly all the automotive media outlets with back-to-back stories taking shots at the wild styling, the botched launch event, and the viability of an electric pickup. Regardless of what the loud minority may think about it, there have already been more than 250,000 pre-orders worldwide and the number continues to grow.

Kiwis are now among them, with the Tesla New Zealand website having added a Cybertruck portal where buyers can throw down a $200 fully refundable deposit to get into the queue for the 2022-onwards delivery. 

Three variations are on offer: single-motor rear-wheel drive, dual-motor all-wheel drive, or tri-motor all-wheel drive. The full New Zealand pricing has not yet been confirmed, but the truck’s priced between US$39,900 and US$69,900 (NZ$62,155 and NZ$108,890) overseas.

Could this be the electric vehicle that finally breaks the traditional, ute-loving Kiwi market? In a few short years we’ll know.