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Under construction: David Miller’s cup-killer Civic

25 December 2019



David Miller is no stranger to the racetrack, especially when behind the wheel of this EG Civic. You see, he’s owned the car for 10 years, having raced it for the past eight years in the Motul Honda Cup series. In its time, it has seen numerous packages, starting out in the 1600cc class with a humble B16a, before upgrading to a B18c unit from a Type R, followed by a built B18c that was strung to the ragged edge with individual throttle bodies (ITBs), huge cams, and all the rest. 

That package blew up three times before David called it quits, with reliability obviously being a factor. In its place for the past two years has been a moderately stock K20A that instantly made more power and a ton more torque far more reliably than the previous incarnations. With recent additions of Drag Cartel cams among the slew of intake, exhaust, and fuel bolt-ons, David estimates that it will be putting down roughly 180kW at the front wheels — plenty in a car of this size and weight. 

The past season of the Honda Cup was the first time that David hasn’t driven in the Civic since starting, having made the decision to pull the car out of contention to make a couple of changes that had a roll-on effect on the rest of the car. Adding a Tilton pedal box meant that the seating position needed to be moved. With the roll cage in the way, it not only had to go rearwards but also in towards the centre. However, the exhaust tunnel hindered efforts, resulting in that being cut up, meaning the exhaust also had to be altered. Then, with David sitting so far back, the column needed to be extended!

It’s been a worthwhile exercise, however, and David tells us that the process has given him the excuse to make a few other upgrades, including a dual-pass RX-7 radiator tucked under the cowling. The Civic will continue to run the six-speed close-ratio gearbox from a DC5 Type R that has been fitted with a plate diff, and a Fortune Auto 510 series coilover adorns each corner.

For a major component of the car — handling — David has opted to run zero rubber in the suspension, with Hardrace spherical bearings in place instead. In combination with a 32mm AFR adjustable rear sway bar, Wilwood 310mm front brakes, and 98-spec ITR rears, it’s a potent package.

The plan is to campaign all five rounds of the upcoming season and potentially break the Hampton Downs lap record, which David is only 0.2 seconds off in the two-litre class.