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Brendan Young’s ’06 Mazdaspeed Axela

25 November 2019



Name: Brendan Young // Age: Pensioner // Location: Hamilton // Occupation: Coffee boy at Platinum Refinishing

NZ Performance Car: Hi, Brendan. What would you say got you into modifying cars, and what was your first?
Brendan: Yo. That’s easy, I got into cars when I was about five and playing with Hot Wheels, then the real things got me. One of my first cars was an ’87 Mazda GT-AE, which I picked up for only a few thousand bucks and got caught up in modifying. Just the usual pod filter, exhaust, mags, and bucket seats; that was pretty much all that was affordable back then.

How would you describe the majority of your car ownership?
It’s really a bit of everything, to be honest; I’ve had all sorts over the years — from a GF8 WRX to a C33 Laurel, and a few BFMRs. There’s nothing specific. So, you don’t have a particular style? Nah, my car purchases have always been dependent on what I like at the time; if I’m liking it, then I go with it.

What did you like about the MPS?
Well, I didn’t want anything like an Evo or WRX, after having already done that, so I thought this could be a reliable daily that offers a bit of go.

From what we’ve seen, it has plenty of go for a daily. Would you call yourself an early MPS adopter?
I suppose so, yeah. There’s plenty around now, but when I first bought this back in 2013, no one had quite caught on to them. They are susceptible to a lot of torque steer … but it’s really a lot of fun to drive. I’m pretty happy with how it is at the moment, but it really could do with a bit more power.

Always chasing that little bit more. Cheers, man.

2006 Mazdaspeed Axela

Engine: Mazda MZR L3-VDT, 2260cc, east–west four-cylinder turbo; Corksport air intake
Driveline: Mazda six-speed manual, twin boot-space braces, slotted rotors
Interior: Recaro SR6 driver’s seat, Cobb Accessport
Exterior: RE Amemiya carbon-fibre canards, Mazdaspeed front skirts, Damd rear diffuser, Garage Vary spoiler lip
Wheels/tyres: 18×9-inch (+30) Work Meister S1 3P, 225/40R18 Nankang NS20; 326power nuts
Suspension: BC Gold coilovers, Hardrace camber arms, Whiteline front and rear sway bars Autoexe underbody braces