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Have your say on LVV Braking Systems standards

2 October 2019



Heads up to anyone who has modified their car, or who intends to — which should be all of you: the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (LVVTA), the organization that sets certification standards, will soon open the Low Volume Vehicle Standard: Braking Systems for consultation. What that means is that you will have your chance to pass comment on the existing standard and any suggestions or issues may be taken into account when the standard is revised in the near future.

The current standard can be found in the documents section of the LVVTA website (, and all submissions received before 1 November 2019 will be analysed and, where appropriate, submissions will be incorporated into the standard.

If necessary, the LVVTA will undertake further consultation with key groups, and anyone who makes a submission will be provided with a copy of the updated standard for review prior to it being finalized. At this time, submissions are only to be in relation to the Braking Systems standard.

Submissions must be made to or by post to: