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Bump and grind: Master Mechanics’ turbo rotary-powered burnout minitruck

21 May 2018



You may recall seeing a 13B-powered and bagged B2000 in this very section back in issue No. 242, with an owner by the name of Wiremu Bürkhardt — owner of Master Mechanics. That build was always destined for the street, and while it’s very nearly completed, Wiremu told us he really wanted to build a pure hack. Now, his definition, and our definition of a hack must vary, as what he has built thus far rivals some of the serious show-car builds we’ve seen cropping up. What was once a B2K is now a body-dropped, rear-chassis sectioned, air bagged, three-linked monster that’s powered by a 13B fed by a big ol’ Borgy. 

He tells us that the majority of the parts, especially in the engine bay, are just pieces he had lying around from previous rotary builds that were slapped together for a laugh. Consisting of a Series 6 motor that’s been refreshed  in house at his business, Master Mechanics, with new seals throughout and semi-bridgeport porting. The Green Brothers Racing-supplied Borgwarner snail sits atop a custom front-mount manifold fabricated by Sam Zoloskiy. He’s also responsible for the tear-dropped dump and wastegate piping protruding through the non-existent bonnet. It’s fed pure 98 octane through 1500cc injectors and will run AN fittings and braided lines throughout for fluids.

The rear of the chassis has been sectioned, and a super slick three-link system ties in the Ford Courier LSD, along with a three-inch body drop and airbag set up. Why airbags on a skid hack, though? Wiremu explained it simply: “I like things really low, and airbags get it low enough.”

There’s a four-point cage that secures and strengthens up the cab, along with a pair of bucket seats and Takata harnesses to keep its occupants strapped in. From there, the rest will come as the build progresses; it has yet to be fitted with a gearbox, and there’s a bit left to do in the engine bay to get the heart turning over for the first time. But if this is what constitutes a skid hack these days, we very much look forward to seeing what else comes out of the woodwork, whether it’s from Wiremu himself, or from someone trying to one-up him. The bar has been set!