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Enthusiast Essentials: WD-40 EZ Reach

20 March 2018



We don’t need to sit here and convince you how essential having WD-40 in your tool box is, as chances are it’s saved your arse more times than you care to remember. It can be found in damn-near every garage and storage shed in existence, and if it isn’t then we pity that person. 

However, sometimes you stumble across a seized bolt or old component stuck to its mating surface that just won’t budge no matter how hard you swing on it. It’s a deadset motivation killer, made only worse when that bolt or component is in an impossible to access spot so getting the WD-40 near it can be a challenge in itself. 

Stress not though, as the team behind the miracle have heard your late-night, sweat-soaked prayers and given you the gift of the ‘EZ-REACH’ nozzle. Designed for professional tradies and the serious do-it-yourself-ers, EZ-REACH gets you right in those tight spaces deep into the engine bay and to the hard-to-see hinges that keep you awake at night. 

The EZ-REACH straw bends however you need it to in order to get there and will hold its shape once bent so you aren’t trying to attack the job with a floppy noodle.

Priced at a steal, just $21.99, more information can be had from