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Honda trumps your lawnmower jokes … again

15 March 2018



There’s this long running, now overplayed joke in the car world that anything even remotely fast with an H-badge on it — especially Civics — are just over-powered lawnmowers. Ha ha, comedian of the year over here. Get this man a medal etc.

And Honda thinks your joke is hilarious too, so they went and built it.

Dubbed the Mean Mower, Honda developed the ride-on with British Touring Car Championship partner Team Dynamics, to promote the brand’s line of actual lawnmowers and tractors — yes, they actually make them, and they’re pretty good too. The first of which was built five years ago using a one-litre V-twin engine from a Honda VTR Firestorm bike, with wheels and tyres from their ATV range and custom suspension. Weighing in at a mere 140kg, it was a weapon.

It set the record for the world’s fastest lawnmower, reaching a top speed of  186kph (116mph) at the Applus Idiada proving ground in Spain — 45kph (28mph) quicker than the previous record holder.

Back again with version two, the old V-twin engine has been binned for a CBR1000R Fireblade superbike heart which produces 60kW more. With the power increase the new top speed is expected to exceed 217kph (135mph). The ’17 Civic Type R has been bumped back to second on the fastest lawnmower standings after claiming the title last year (ok, we couldn’t help ourselves).