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Nationals 2K18: showtime baby

7 February 2018




By now anyone eagerly skimming these words in anticipation of seeking out images of their car should know, that the one weekend a year that sets all car people into a mad panic that spans a 72-hour period fueled by energy drinks and rubbish food has come and gone once again. The annual V 4 & Rotary Nationals is the pinnacle of all car shows, the who’s-who of modifying cars, but we need not ramble on about the prominence it holds within the community — judging from the fact that you’re reading this, you are already in the know.

As per tradition, the unofficial day one kicked off on Friday for those displaying their creations with the big set-up. If you ever get the chance to hop in the passenger seat of a mates car that’s going on display, grasp it with both hands as this is the best way to see and hear the show come to life. The feeling of rolling through those doors and being greeted by a hearty whiff of fuel and exhaust filling the halls, having your eardrums violated by the raucous coming from 300+ cars piling into the same building, and experiencing that visual overload of pure awesome up close — it’s truly next to none. 

Congratulations are in order for the competitors and organizers who put in the hours to make the show portion what it is, marking another rad year of the 4&Rotary National. The selection was even more varied than last year, with the likes of every generation of Evo, low-slung R-chassis, Rocket Bunny-clad pieces of art, one of the biggest rotary presences in collaboration with the REunion team, Kanjo Hondas, Mini Trucks, drift cars, drag cars, Euros, lowriders, donks, and even a genuine JGTC RX-7 in full race trim — you name it, it was there. 

But it wasn’t all about who had the biggest pile of cash sunken into their tin/fibreglass creations, it showcased that you can build  something subtle, the bare minimum of budgets and a bit of hard work, without the need to have every trending part fitted. There really is something to be said about a simple combination of being super low, good wheels, and clean aesthetics. Everything had its own place.

And while a number of the cars made their way from the farthest reaches of the country, it was good to see a number of familiar faces and award winners that although not entered, made the trip to be apart of the event still. 

A big thank you goes out to all those that we spun yarns with on the day at our stand and throughout the halls. This is remains firmly etched event on our calendars and if you didn’t manage to catch any of it this year, don’t sweat it, as we’ve got a sweet gallery below just for you to pine over, and hopefully convince you take lock it in for next year.