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Toyota building replica Nürburgring in Japan?

26 February 2018



The automaker powerhouse that is Toyota are currently investing massive amounts of coin into a new testing complex in Japan that will feature a replica of the infamous German circuit, Nürburgring.

According to sources, the company plans to build this mammoth new research and development facility in Aichi, in central Honshu Island, and will supposedly feature up to 11 different test tracks that mimic some of the world’s most famous examples. Once of which will be mirroring the Nordschleife track, where Toyota and pretty much every other car manufacturer in the entire world thrash test their own cars.

However, Toyota have said that while the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife circuit measures in at 12.9 miles (20.75km) in all it’s glory, their own version will be a mere 3.3 miles (5.3km) — using many of the most popular corners and elevation changes from the legendary German proving grounds.

New models will be put through the wars to test steering and braking ability in harsh driving conditions to ensure they can meet worldwide regulations (because we really don’t need anymore safety and/or emission test cheating cars now do we …), with cars being developed on-site.

Reports say that the new facility will set Toyota back a whopping 3.8 billion NZD, but is deemed a necessary expense as Toyota’s current test and development facilities are now at capacity while resources are tied up developing battery powered Hot Wheels.

Completion is set for 2023 and will be staffed by 3,300 employees initially, with a further 550 employees hired later on — when do applications for thrash test drivers open?