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Protected: high-risk car insurance with Protecta Insurance

24 October 2018



There’s no sadder sight than to see the love of your life, your car, in an accident — even worse when you’re left with a hefty bill after causing damage to someone else’s car. We owe it to ourselves and our cars to get the right kind of insurance sorted to avoid the heartache that comes after!

Protecta Insurance has been offering regular and classic car insurance for years, but most people aren’t aware that it also specializes in high-risk insurance — stuff like high-performance street cars, race and rally cars, even project insurance. The team at Protecta are the kind of people who understand and have the same priorities as we do — as they tell us, it’s their passion, too.

New Zealand owned and operated, Protecta can sort you out with a policy tailored to you and your car, whatever that may be. Holler at the Protecta team for a quote on 0800 776 832, or jump online to