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dB master: Put your money where the sound is

19 December 2017



Technology is one hell of a thing — it moves fast, really fast, and even if you’ve only been out of the game for a year or two, the rate at which the audio industry continues to change will have left you behind in the dirt. Gone are the days of banging in chump change for a single-DIN CD player at your local swap meet, installing a pair of six-by-nines in whatever way you could get them to fit, letting an 18-inch big pumper free-float in the boot, and trying to tuck a mono-block amp that weighs more than your typical boat anchor under the passenger seat. You’ve got to know what you’re doing — and what you’re using — to piece together a true show-stopping, window-shattering, audio-sexual weapon. 

So, to fill you in on where to find the latest and greatest audio products on the market, we’ve asked the experts around the country what the lowdown is to put together a Christmas wish list that will make even the most hardcore of audiophiles smile. Now all you’ve got to do is put your money where the sound is.

Clarion SRD1700S component speaker
There’s a new stallion in the stables at Clarion — SRD1700S. The SRD range has been synonymous with audiophile quality for the past 40 years and the audio giants at Clarion have dropped the latest, a 6.5-inch component speaker that can handle a massive 150rms. With a solid midbass driver that is capable of going all the way down to 40hz, they also incorporate a smooth soft dome tweeter capable of silk smooth highs.

The Clarion SRD1700S is a go to option at Trends Car Audio Hamilton and can be had for $499 — call the team on (07) 846 6340.

Kicker KMT67 Tower System
Whether you’re shouting “I am the captain now” from behind the wheel of a boat, offroader, or ute, the Kicker KMT67 Tower System is going to be your best bang-for-buck option to crank tunes. Consisting of a total of six speakers — including dual 6.5-inch woofers that flank a unique exponential horn-loaded tweeter — the injection-moulded ABS enclosures that they inhabit can be affixed to seven common sizes which match most wake tower or roll-bar diameter via the billet-aluminum brackets and clamp inserts. Waterproof, UV resistant and super tough, it will take a beating and thank you for it.

You can find all the KMT67 Tower System’s finer details at To find your local stockist contact the team at Griffiths Equipment on (09) 525 4575.

Zeroflex EFX65C
The local audio wizards at Zeroflex have dropped their latest banger, a component set of speakers developed here in New Zealand to deliver you serious audio quality through a 1.25-inch silk dome tweeter — which would normally be found inside a pair of speakers twice the price — combined with wool laminate mid-bass drivers and 12dB-per-octave crossovers: we present to you the Zeroflex EFX65C. These bad boys have the power to handle 80W RMS!

Priced at a mere $249, the Zeroflex EFX65C can be found at all good car audio stores nationwide.

Zeroflex EFX602
When you don’t want to get too deep into your car audio but still want to pump out decent sound, Zeroflex’s EFX602 coaxial speakers are what you’re looking for. These speakers handle 80W RMS of power, but are still efficient enough to run straight off a head unit. They incorporate a Mylar tweeter and a low resonance basket, all for a steal at just $99.

The Zeroflex EFX602 is available from all good car audio stores nationwide.

Cerwin Vega H6TE10SV and H6TE12SV subwoofers
Audio giant Cerwin Vega has dropped a new range of ported active subwoofers promised to deliver maximum bass to any audio system, factory or aftermarket. They’re available in both 10-inch 250-watt RMS (H6TE10SV) and 12-inch 150-watt RMS (H6TE12SV) ported enclosure options, and both have everything built in to make installation a piece of cake. 

They’re priced at $449 for the 10-inch (H6TE10SV) and $499 for the 12-inch (H6TE12SV), and you can purchase the Cerwin Vega range from authorized dealers or Repco Auto Parts nationwide — for further information visit

FLEX12 12-inch Subwoofer
You ain’t heard shit until your ears have been assaulted by a FLEX12 subwoofer. This beast is a 2500 RMS 12-inch badboy that boasts a massive four-inch voice coil — and having such a big coil meant that 5000 RMS could be smashed through it for competition use! That’s serious business. Constructed with a carbon-fibre cone and weighing in at 20kg a pop, these subs have been used extensively in 2017 in some of the country’s loudest cars.

All this radness for a steal at $799. To cop one for yourself, head to

Stinger Roadkill RKX36B
Having an audio system which can drown out any noise around you through thumping bass is one thing, but making that noise as pure as it can be by blocking out external disturbances is the real mark of an audio enthusiast. Stinger Roadkill is known around the globe as one of the best damping materials available in the automotive sector — line your car with it to make your sound system so much better. 

You can buy the Stinger Roadkill RKX36B in a nine-sheet bulk pack for $349.

Pioneer AVH-Z5050BT head unit
Pioneer is all about user experience, and its latest Z-Series AVH-Z5050BT head unit proves that. It features even greater smartphone connectivity, one-cable connection and solid audio-visual performance, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s capable of simultaneously connecting with up to five Bluetooth devices, and users can browse their media library with upgraded Bluetooth AVRCP 1.6 capability.

The AVH-Z5050BT head unit is priced at $1299, and further information can be found at, or by contacting your local authorized Pioneer dealer

Pioneer AVH-Z2050BT head unit
Your home is your castle, and, with the right in-car entertainment, your car can be one, too! Treat yourself to a Pioneer AVH-Z2050BT head unit. The 2DIN unit includes a 6.2-inch WVGA touchscreen with DVD/CD player, as well as built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming capability, with Full HD video playback from USB devices. 
The head unit also supports Apple CarPlay and Pioneer AppRadio Mode+, both of which provide turn-by-turn navigation via your mobile phone — as safe and easy as it gets! 

Get your car up to date with the Pioneer AVH-Z2050BT, available from authorized Pioneer dealers from July. The recommended retail price is $899, and further information is available at

Philips CE233 Mechless Media Player
For the budget minded audiophile, a simple yet effective head unit is the business. The Philips CE233 lets you run sound from a magnitude of different sources, including USB, SDHC or portable MP3 players, or if USB and AUX are more your thing, then this mechless puppy has you covered with the ability to browse songs and folders quickly. 

Priced at just $119, the Philips CE233 is available from authorized Philips dealers or Repco Auto Parts nationwide — head to for further information.

Audison AP8.9bit amplifier
Too hard to rip out that factory head unit? No sweat, Audison have taken care of it with the AP8.9 bit. Audison is New Zealand’s largest supplier of DSP products for interfacing into your car’s factory head unit and this ultra-compact, laptop-controllable amplifier has eight 35RMS output channels, along with 30 bands of equalization per channel — putting the AP8.9 bit in a class of its own.

Contact the team at Trends Car Audio to get your hands on one, ph. (07) 846 6340; priced at just $1399.

Pioneer DEH-S4050BT head unit
Whether you pack the fire beats, or your passenger is holding them, the new Pioneer DEH-S4050BT head unit lets you simultaneously connect smartphones via dual Bluetooth so you can stream music or make phone calls wirelessly. It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android platforms, and iPhone users can also take advantage of Siri Eyes Free functionality. As for those of you who love Spotify, it’s now a dedicated audio source on the DEH-S4050BT, allowing you to directly control content from the Spotify app. You also get the bread-and-butter features such as AM/FM radio, CD player, USB/Aux-In, and two RCA Pre-Outs that allow you to connect extra audio products.

The DEH-S4050BT head unit is priced at $299, and further information can be found at, or by contacting your local authorized Pioneer dealer.

Pioneer FH-S705BT Double-DIN Audio Receiver
Ideal for those who travel with both a work and personal phone, the Pioneer FH-S705BT Double-DIN Audio Receiver features Pioneer’s Dual Bluetooth technology with auto connection function so both phones automatically pair with the FH-S705BT. It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android platforms, and the display illumination can be matched to your vehicle’s interior lighting with a range of over 210,000 colours and endless colour combinations. In addition, the FH-S705BT offers AM/FM radio, CD player, a dedicated audio source for Spotify music, plus USB/Aux-In. There are also three RCA Pre-Outs that allow you to connect extra audio products.

The FH-S705BT Double-DIN Audio Receiver is priced at $399, and further information can be found at, or by contacting your local authorized Pioneer dealer.