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The Bangers: 2017 V 4&Rotary S/I Champs

23 November 2017







We don’t need to introduce an event like the V 4&Rotary Nationals South Island Champs and while us northerners have more than a handful of events to aim towards year-on-year, this is the event every southern car owner fiends for, and it’s one that is firmly etched into the ‘must attend’ section of our calendar here at NZPC.

After a successful shift from Nelson to Timaru last year, the event returned to cause all kinds of — very organized and well behaved — ruckus. While it’s a long way for a lot of northies, and some southies too, don’t sweat it, we made the journey down to the events home for the show portion of the weekend — Southern Trust Events Centre — to bring you the full results. Awards are always a controversial portion of any show, as everyone wants to and feels that they should win based on their efforts, but we can’t all be winners and someone has to take bragging rights. These usually go to those most deserving and there isn’t argument over the winner, but sometimes, there are often a few unexpected results among the crowd that will spark confused looks. It’s a matter of opinion, really, which is why you have a team of judges instead of one or two people.

Regardless, simply starting at a plain text list on a white page is pretty damn boring, so we’ve included a shit ton of images that cover off the award winners. Have a gander, ponder the results, and let us know what you think; were they all deserved, or would you have made a different pick?


Cory Wilson, Mazda RX-2 [EVLRX]

  • Best RX2/616


Michael Bateman, Mazda RX-3 [WANKEL]

  • Best RX3/808



Lorrie Smith, Mazda RX-4 [RX42NV]

  • Best RX4/929
  • RX Master
  • Open Class: Best Paint
  • Open Class: Best Undercarriage, Suspension and Brakes
  • Open Class: Best Engine Bay



Clint Hewetson, Mazda RX-7    

  • Best RX7 (S4-5)


Darryn Cairncross, Mazda RX-7

  • Best Late Model RX
  • Best Circuit/Time Attack Car


James Patterson, Toyota KE30

  • Best Rotary Conversion


Cory Wilson, Mazda R100 M10A

  • Best RX Other



Hayden Murray, Ford Escort Mexico     

  • Best 4 Cylinder Piston
  • Best 1970-1989
  • Manufacturer Class: Best Ford



Leighton Hamlin, Datsun 240K GT

  • Best 6 Cylinder Piston
  • Best Piston Conversion



Johnny Latham, BMW E46    

  • Best 8 Cylinder Piston
  • Race Car Awards: Best Drift Car
  • Open Class: Best Engineering


Karl Shand, Mitsubishi Lancer     

  • Best 1990-1999
  • Best Mitsubishi
  • Open Class: Best Modified Interior



Vick Bhatti, Nissan GT-R

  • Best 2000-2009
  • Best Piston Vehicle Overall
  • Best Nissan
  • Open Class: Best Bodykit


Club K  

  • Best Club Theme/Display
  • Overall Top Club

Euro Nation  

  • Best Club Attitude

Southern Stance    

  • New Club On The Block



Arno Gericke, Subaru Impreza STi [STINUR]

  • Best Subaru


Graham Boyd, Toyota KE30     

  • Best Toyota



Tony Hill, Mazda Familia GTAE [GTAE]

  • Best Mazda



Corrie De wagt, BMW E21    

  • Best Euro                               



Elysse Milne, Mazda RX-7

  • Tough Street: Best Graphics


Owen Trowbridge, Subaru Legacy [H8EVO]

  • Tough Street: Best Suspension/Brakes
  • Tough Street: Best Display
  • Tough Street: Best Power Output


Chevenne Hassan, Nissan Silvia S13

  • Tough Street: Best Undercarriage
  • Tough Street: Best Innovation



Khrunal Mahendra, Mitsubishi EVO X [NZEVOX]

  • Tough Street: Best Build Quality
  • Tough Street: Best Wheels
  • Tough Street: Best Interior
  • Tough Street: Best Sound Install
  • Tough Street: Best Bodykit
  • Tough Street: Best Paint



Tim Reinke, Toyota Starlet [1SIKKP]

  • Tough Street: Best Drivers Attitude
  • Tough Street: Best Engine Bay

Anthony Rohan, Toyota Corolla

  • Open Class: Best Original Paint


Hallie Linell, Mazda RX-7 [CRE3PN]

  • Open Class: Best Extreme Paint

Patrick Wood, Mazda RX-7

  • Open Class: Best Displayed Vehicle


Jesse Lopez, Nissan 180SX     

  • Open Class: Best Graphics
  • Open Class: Best Stance


Sam Cox, Nissan 350z

  • Open Class: Best Rims & Tyres Suited to Vehicle



Michael Kerr, Mazda RX-7

  • Open Class: Best Extreme Stance



Scott Vanderzee, Nissan Silvia S14.5

  • Open Class: People’s Choice