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You’re a Jerk: CJC head back to Nationals

14 November 2017



While they’ve remained on the quieter side for the last few years, anyone that has been out of diapers for more than two digits would have heard the name, Circle Jerk Crew — often referred to as CJC or simply, ‘jerks’ — thrown around in a conversation or two. The group has had a profound impact on the local scene. Members are recognized by their impeccable cars, unapologetic views on car modification, unique sense of humour, and notably, their standout displays at the 4&Rotary Nationals.

However, with the latter, the jerks have been absent since 2013 — until now, that is. The word has gone out following their annual bash, Jerkfest, that the jerks will once again look to dominate the biggest show on the modified car calendar in 2018. CJC vice president, Matt Dallimore, explains: “We had a bit of a break from the show scene for a few reasons. Earlier this year we decided to quietly attend Downtime Entertainment’s Autofest, which was our first show in quite a few years, and I think that put a spark back into a few members to get out to car shows.

“Meanwhile, ex-president Anthony Wong and current president, Tony James, had been chatting with Azhar from 4&Rotary Nationals to work out a proper comeback. Internally, the feedback was ‘f*#k yeah, let’s do this’.”

From the details we managed to squeeze out of them, the jerks look to have upwards of 12 cars on the stand, and while previous displays have seen them go into insane attention to detail with themes, matching apparel, and stand props correct down to the smallest item, the big return is doing a full 180 for a super clean ordeal.

“The idea is to bring back the basics, and we’re coming in with a clean fresh style. None of the cars we’ve chosen from within our ranks are your standard builds, each is very unique in its own way. The cars are there to do the talking
for us.”

Catch CJC at the 2018 4&Rotary Nationals at ASB Showgrounds, January 27, 2018.