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Nascar bloopers: here comes the boom!

8 August 2016

A bizarre situation unfolded during the Nascar Xfinity series race at Watkins Glen over the weekend of August 6–7. Derrike Cope’s No. 70 Chevrolet Nascar was coasting through the bus-stop zone, when something under the bonnet of his vehicle exploded, blowing the bonnet off and bursting a tyre. 

Nascar are said to be impounding the car and will examine the remains to figure out what exactly went wrong, to prevent such failures in the future. 

“In my 35 years of racing, I’ve never experienced anything like that,” driver Derrike Cope said. “It blew up in my face.”

It’s still not quite clear as to what happened, but maybe you have some ideas, so let us know in the comments below.