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Engineer adds spark to Christchurch Stadium

26 July 2016

Over the coming months on The Motorhood, we will showcase some very talented Kiwis who have carved out interesting and successful careers in engineering after obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering Technology or New Zealand Diploma in Engineering qualification.

When Christchurch’s temporary sports stadium lit up in 2012, it was hailed a spectacular success. Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee said it was “truly heartening”. However, no one was happier during those first few games than Electrical Engineer Levi Martin, who watched on from the sidelines. A recent graduate of a Bachelor of Engineering Technology, he was directly involved in getting the stadium up and running.

The 25-year-old said, “It was fun, because you never realize how much design goes into making something like that work… at one stage they had about 1000 people working on it, crawling over each other.” Levi’s mission was clear: to light the whole thing up. Literally.

As a child, he was drawn to electricity. “When I was a kid I was into slot sets, and remote-control cars.” Before he knew it, he was doing night courses while still at school to become a sparky.

After beginning a Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Levi developed an interest in electrical systems that made things tick. “Me and another student made an electric go-kart out of an old Fisher & Paykel washing machine.”

Most people see problems as burdens, but not Martin. “Engineering encompasses creativity. You are given the problem, but not the solution, and the solution you find is for the benefit of mankind.”

As for his future, “Once I’ve enjoyed myself enough in the current niche I am in, I’ll move to another sector… maybe working on a Tesla car. I’ll take it as it comes.”

To find out more about Levi, and how electricity can shape your life, click here to read the full story.

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