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Are you installing your car audio wrong?

27 July 2016

Think about it for a minute. When you go to a concert, even if you’re sitting too far away to see who’s on stage, you still know exactly where they’re standing.

The reason for this is that the sound has been set up in such a way to make it sound as if it’s coming from the front and centre, despite the speakers very clearly being placed to the side of the stage. Same goes with your home-theatre system — chances are that when you set it up, you followed the instructions and placed the front speakers at the front, and the rear speakers at the rear, right? Again, the theory is to make it sound as if what you’re watching is coming from the screen. That’s not to mention the way our bodies are created, with our ears pointing forwards, designed so that our best hearing is from the front.

With this simple knowledge, it’s surprising how many people get it so wrong when it comes to choosing or installing their car-audio components.

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