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Demon Energy D1NZ Awards night — all the winners

22 July 2016

The season is over, the race suits have been hung up for a break, and the race cars have been torn to shreds for their next round of upgrades. But there was one more event on the Demon Energy D1NZ calendar, one that required no driving, and the suits were not flameproof or covered in rubber. We are, of course, talking about the Demon Energy D1NZ Awards evening held on July 16 at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds.


A chance for teams to get together and celebrate the achievements both on and off the track, it’s become an institution of the series, and also makes for one hell of a good night and an unenviably not-so-good following morning. But that wasn’t stopping anyone from making it a big one, and, by all accounts, it’s a highlight of the season.

D1NZ CEO Brendon White commented, “It’s important to host the awards night to bring everyone together — the drivers in D1NZ are just a big family of people sharing the same passion, so it’s refreshing to get the downtime to celebrate all their hard work together and get excited for the epic season ahead.”


You may have seen the voting going down online leading up to the awards. The fact that they aren’t voted on by a panel, but instead on social media by fans and the drivers’ peers, is the best thing about the awards. Let’s check out the winners …

Pro Awards


D1NZ Giant Killer: Gaz Grove — winner of a $4000 ECU package thanks to Link ECU.


Pro — Best Personality: Cole Armstrong


Pro — Best Drifting Style: ‘Fanga Dan’ Woolhouse


Pro — Standout Run of the Season: Daynom Templeman                                                               Pro — Smoke Machine: Daynom Templeman


Pro — Best Presented Engine Bay: Daynom Templeman


Pro — Best Presented Car: Jaron Olivecrona


Pro — Angle King: Michael Prosenik

Pro — Best Tandem Battle: Michael Prosenik vs Adam Hedges at Baypark


Pro — Most Improved: Dylan Woolhouse


Pro — Sportsmanship Superstar: Phil Sutherland


Pro — Fan Favourite: Nico Reid

Pro-Sport Awards

Pro-Sport — Standout Run of the Season: Ian McShean
Pro–Sport — Fan Favourite: Ian McShean


Pro–Sport — Best Personality: Jase Brown


Pro–Sport — Best Drifting Style: Kieran Stewart
Pro–Sport — Hardest Charger: Kieran Stewart


Pro–Sport — Smoke Machine: Chad McKenzie
Pro–Sport — Angle King: Chad McKenzie
Pro–Sport — Best Tandem Battle: Chad McKenzie vs Vincent Hopkins at Baypark (Vincent won)


Pro–Sport — Best Presented Car: Ben Jenkins


Pro–Sport — Most Improved: Cody Pullen Burry, winning a $4000 Link ECU package thanks to Link ECU


Pro–Sport — Sportsmanship Superstar: Bex Bennet and team

D1NZ Prestigious Awards


Team Owner and Manager of the Year: Nicole Harris / FDC5
Best Social Media Development for NZ Drifting Overall: Fanga Dan Woolhouse


D1NZ Top Friend to the sport: Ross Honnor / DDT
Grass Roots Event of the Year: ZeroClass Matsuri


NZ Drifting Ambassador of the Year: ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett


Driver Crew/Team of the Year: Team Jenkins Motorsport


Pro-Sport — Photograph of the Year (Media Awards): RL Photography


Pro — Photograph of the Year (Media Awards): Mad Max — Guy Maxwell

Video Capture of the Year (Media Awards): Jacob Toms for Nico Reid’s first win

Best Full Video Capture of the Year: Seth Devereux / NAC


Best Supporting Media Outlet 2015–’16: Oversteer TV


D1NZ Volunteer of the Year: Daniel Smith


Daniel Baxter Memorial Trophy (D1NZ Ambassador of the Year): Steve Daniels (Maori Made Productions)