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Rhys Millen’s road to the new Pikes Peak EV record

29 June 2016

The 100th running of Pikes Peak has seen all eyes focused on EV technology, with three extremely powerful EV (electric vehicle) machines lining up against the regular combustion-engine machines. Leading the EV charge was Kiwi Rhys Millen, the returning champion in the Drive eO PP100 special — the car he won the event with in 2015. 

Follow Rhys’s week-long journey to resetting his own EV record, with an 8.57.998 run, placing him first in a modified EV and second overall — only five seconds behind Romain Dumas in the Norma M20 prototype. Note, these videos are mostly in Latvian as that is where the Drive eO team are from, but subtitles are in English, and Rhys speaks good ol’ petrolhead English. Also, for those with no time to spare, flick right to the last video if you just want to see the run. It’s a great on-board video, giving you a feel for just how on the limit Rhys was driving, it’s some real lump-in-ya-throat-type stuff.