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Cruise Mode: Tyler Young’s 15×10.5-inch BBS-equipped Golf Mk2

4 July 2016


We don’t only feature fully modified vehicles in NZ Performance Car magazine — the mildly modified get a look in, too! It doesn’t matter what it is — if you’re passionate about it, modify it, and drive it to work every day, we’ll showcase it.

Name: Tyler Young
Occupation: Design Student

NZ Performance Car: Hi, Tyler. That’s a dope Golf. What first got you into them, and how long have you owned it?
Tyler Young: I’ve had it for almost three years now. It was probably the rarity the got me into them at first, and seeing them online and not in New Zealand. 

So, most of your inspiration came from overseas? 
Yeah, definitely. A few really cool Mk2s are popping up in Japan, as well as the more clichéd ones in Europe and the States.

Those BBSs are pretty insane. Was it hard to find them and the parts to make them in 10.5-inch wide?
Yeah, they’re pretty wild. I picked them up really cheap, so I convinced myself it was a good idea to rebuild them. It’s not hard to find parts; it’s just hard waiting and accepting the price. I think they look like a crazy size, because they’re on a little hatchback. 

Do you like to carry out most of the work yourself?
Yeah, I guess I end up having to do it. I would rather pay someone else, though. Wagen Werks did my motor swap, but I floated around at the shop while the team was doing it. I get heaps of help from friends, and working at GT Refinishers is a huge help also.

Yes, working at a place like GT Refinishers part-time must have its perks. Did you paint the Golf yourself? 
Yeah, working there has pretty much peer pressured me into chopping up such a nice car. I panel[led] and painted it myself in the school holidays. It’s been great working there and learning heaps from Grant and Ben. 

Lastly, do you have any future plans for it, and is there anyone you would like to thank?
Just to keep driving it. This year, I plan on sorting the interior with seats, half cage, etc. I’d like to thank Bean and the Giant Wankler at GT Refinishers, Yung City Boyz, Anton at Wagen Werks, and Heino at Autostance. 

1989 Volkswagen Golf GTI 16V

  • Engine: Mk3 VW Golf 2.0 ABF, K-Jetronic injection system
  • Interior: Factory
  • Exterior: VVoomeran Mk2 flare kit, Hella light covers, yellow candy–tinted headlights,
  • gold mirror tints, full repaint in Tornado Red
  • Suspension: BC Racing V1 coilovers
  • Wheels/Tyres: 15×10.5-inch (0) BBS RS189 painted in light gold metal flake, 205/45R15 Toyo T1R

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue of NZ Performance Car. Grab a print copy or a digital copy of the magazine for yourself: