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Grab a bag full of badass — the August issue of NZ Performance Car is stacked!

14 July 2016

The latest issue of NZ Performance Car has hit shelves in a store near you. Check out this sneak peek into what to expect from the pages of Issue No. 236.


Dustin Ng’s R34 is one that I have been patiently waiting to share with you all since first spotting it in primer a few years back. A race mechanic by trade, Dustin has built the R34 up from a crashed shell — but not in the way you might think. A GT-R wide-body conversion is accompanied by the wheels and brakes of an R35 GT-R. And the engine? Well, that’s something the purists will not agree with — but stuff ’em! Dustin has screwed together a 2JZ-GTE with Garrett GTX hybrid that puts down 441kW to the rear wheels — the kind of power that makes the morning commute a white knuckle kind of ride. Yip, this is a daily driver of epic proportions.

Seeing double

We are no experts when it comes to the biology around twins (well the human kind anyway), but there must be something in that whole theory about sharing more than just the looks, if the Briggs twins are anything to go by. The ’Naki-based twins have built a pair of 10-second street Evos that are gunning for single-digit passes, and it seems no setback, no matter how big, is going to get in their way.

Tuning Japanese

Kei Miura is a man that is blowing up in the world of car styling at the moment, and it’s near impossible to hit a show anywhere in the world that at least one of his designs isn’t present at. We have all seen the cars, so we thought it was time to squeeze a few words from the man himself — no matter how quiet he might be. Go inside his workshop and learn about the technology he uses to produce his world-famous designs.

Bad grandpa

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Mazda 787B dominating at LeMans, so what better way to celebrate that fact than showcase a 26B PP. Although this time it’s not in a race car, it’s a street car — one that has been terrorizing the streets of Sydney for 36 years. What makes it even cooler is the fact that the engine was built right here in little old New Zealand!

Grab your hard copy or digital copy of the latest issue below: