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The CL Auto Dream Wrap competition top 10: vote now!

26 June 2016

The CL Auto Dream Wrap competition is in full swing, with the second part of the competition now under way. From the hundreds of entries a shortlist of 10 was chosen. These finalists then had the opportunity to work with their local wrap installer to take their idea from a concept to a rendered design. It’s now into the final stage of Facebook voting to see who actually gets their wrap made into reality. So have a flick through, hear from the owners and make you decision. Voting closes July 29.

Angus MacNeil

“Hi, I’m Angus, and this is My FD2 Honda Civic Type R. I chose this design as my son and I watch a lot of YouTube together, watching motorsports videos from old races to street-built tuners. We love our Hondas, and my son believes our FD2R is a race car! I chose the blue-and-yellow Spoon Sports Racing team livery as they have always been legendary to me, and I have followed them since I was a teen. This is my dream wrap, and I know my son is going to love it — especially when he sees his name on the side as co-driver. Thanks.”

Clinton Rock

“Hi there team. So, my inspiration for my dream wrap comes from the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries A6M Zero. I’ve always had a soft spot for World War II fighters. The Zero was a Japanese agile and manoeuvrable fighter — the same could be said for my Trueno, although lightly armoured and underpowered she still handles very well. I went for a weathered look because that’s what this 31-year-old car would be like if not for paint freshen-ups and rust repairs aplenty. Vote A6M AE86 — actually AE85, but whatever.”

Andrew Green

“My dream wrap is something that reflects who I am as a person. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and own a full set of stormtrooper armour that I use to raise money for charities like Child Cancer Foundation and Ronald McDonald House. My dream wrap is something that can help me raise even more money for these really worthy causes, while looking awesome driving to work! My dream wrap makes my car look like it’s part of the Star Wars universe, and fits in with my club’s ‘bad guys doing good’ motto! Hopefully I can take it with me to events all around the country, and help raise money for awesome charities!”

Elvis Mtakwa

“My dream wrap is gloss teal, with brushed black complementing the roof and features on the car, like the grill and door handles — don’t wanna touch the teal! The reason for this selection is because teal is a mix of my two favourite colours, and I’ve never seen a teal car in person — always online. And to be different.”

Fliss Grant

“When asked what my dream wrap would be, multiple choices popped into my head. But I wanted something that was not only unique and gave that wow factor, but also complements the beauty of the 86 and my personality — creating one very unique 86, unlike no other.

The wrap you see is a work in progress. I wanted something that gave the impression that you had driven through something and it’s sprayed all over the car — like driving through a paint-filled balloon, the colour covering the bonnet and spraying over the rest of the body, creating a sharp graphic design along the sides through to the rear fender — resulting in a striking appearance that will make heads turn! The colours chosen reflect me as an individual — the pink/purple tone (energetic, passionate, creative), silver (organised, respectful, elegance), and black (power, mystery).

Having my dream wrap connected to my personality gives the 86 more of a unique feel and out-there appearance! This creates a stronger connection to the 86, which is already my pride and joy. The 86 was a dream of mine before they were even in the country — the endless list of possible modifications that I could complete to make this girl truly one in a million. Winning this dream wrap competition will bring me that little bit closer to the final dream of truly having one unique ‘Miss 86’ show car.”

Mathew Brown

“With the design, I wanted to capture the vibe of all the early-2000s Japanese street-styled cars, where style was king, and form ruled function. There’s just something about that in-your-face style of a really low and loud drift car, covered in shiny team vinyl that you really take note of. Animal Style has done this really well recently, and their cars have been a big influence, along with the Japanese legends of the 01 Era. I’m just trying to lead grass-roots drifting back in the direction that first caught everyone’s attention in the first place, and hopefully this design goes a small way in doing that.”

David Milner

“I’ve gone for a design inspired by old warbirds. The shark teeth nose art was a classic design pilots used to adorn their planes with during the war — I’ve tied these with the use of patina on the panels and riveted gaps to create a car that will stand out from the crowd (as if it didn’t already).”

Bryce Mcvicar-Laulau

“My dream wrap would definitely have a unique style to it. I’ve always wanted something that reflects a style in Japan.  I’d love to have Goku on the side of the car blasting a massive Kamehameha towards the front — that would directly represent myself, my outrageous style, and my outrageous car! Thanks again for the opportunity!”

Ben Ken Obi

“My dream wrap on the Holden would be to stick with a base of silver, because it’s such a nice colour to start with, just maybe a shade darker. The direction I want to go is based on a tribute to the old race livery of Peter Brock from the glory days of V8 touring, but making the car look a bit more sinister using bronze and gunmetal on top of the silver, and all over having a matt finish. Topping it off with a few old and modern performance brands slapped around the place.”

Ray Godfrey

“Well, with my GS300 I’ve headed down a slightly different route from the normal VIP or drift look that is becoming very common these days, and headed more for an old military theme with modern twists. The heavily faded and worn dark-aviator-grey paint with patches of surface rust and paint flake will be a standout feature, added with the bomber shark teeth, sprayed unit numbers, and squadron stripes down the sides, as well as the modern logos from parts and brands used all being faded out and worn just bring it all together. Once completed, the large rising sun on the roof and military insignia on the front and rear will definitely make this a car that you will want to look twice at. You will see it cruising at most events up and down the country, or just on my way to get milk, not stuck in a garage or just hitting the odd track day, so please help me make this happen!”

So, now you have seen them all, and got to hear a little bit of the inspiration around each of the designs, make sure you vote here by liking your favourite, then keep an eye out in NZ Performance Car Issue No. 240 to see what products are used and learn how a wrap is applied. Don’t forget to vote before July 29 guys!