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2015 South Island Champs Top Six: Eurologik-built hyper Golf

28 July 2016


Now that the 2016 V 4&Rotary South Island Champs entries are open for the December 10–11 event, we thought we’d take a look back at last year’s standouts

Although it may not look like much to the untrained eye, this Volkswagen Golf R32 MkIV is a serious piece of kit. Tom Hawthorne of Eurologik is behind the bonkers no-expense-spared VW build, which is owned by Paul Fielding of Warmup New Zealand Ltd.

Tom found that his instructions for this build were simple: he just had to build the Golf as he would for himself.

The engine was rebuilt using forged low-compression JE pistons, Integrated Engineering con rods, and an ARP head-stud kit to handle the boost that will soon come its way.

Turbo Care NZ built a hybrid turbo set-up that can provide ample boost to give a reliably stout 447kW (600hp) at the wheels, should Paul want it. Eurologik tuned the factory ECU, adding features such as launch control and flat shifting.

Tom added Yellowspeed coilovers, Yellowspeed adjustable rear arms (upper and lower), a Yellowspeed six-piston brake kit, and H&R front and rear sway bars. An HPA Motorsport wireless Haldex controller that allows adjustment to the front and rear drivetrain bias on the fly has also been fitted.

This Golf truly is a supercar beater. “The initial road tune has proven to be quite potent. The turbo almost seems too small as there is no lag whatsoever,” Tom told us. A 447kW power figure, with no lag, in an immaculate hatchback package? Yes please! 

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