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Prowear NZ Superlap Series Spotlight: the ST Hitec R35 Godzilla

12 July 2016

When you roll into the Prowear NZ Superlap Series with an R35 GT-R, people always assume that you’ll be fast, but nobody realized just how fast Iain Clegg would be during the 2016 event. 

Upon closer inspection, everything looks fairly sedate. Do a double take though, and you’ll start noticing that this is no ordinary VR38DETT. The dead giveaway is the intake plenum, housing much larger injectors.

After a quick conversation with Iain, we learned that the block was upgraded. With a 4.1-litre stroker kit now installed, Iain had a touch more waste gas to make use of. An HKS GT1000 turbo kit was installed and dialled in, and now the R35 is producing a hair over 1000hp at the wheels …  

If the R35’s handling wasn’t already impressive out of the box, Iain has added Blitz ZZR circuit coilovers, huge 315-wide Toyo semi-slicks, and adjustable front arms courtesy of Dodson. 
There are big things to come from the R35, so keep your eyes peeled for updates. 

008 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R35)


  • Model: VR41DETT, 3800cc, six-cylinder 
  • Block: Fully forged
  • Head: CNC machined
  • Intake: Three-inch Cobb 
  • Turbos: HKS GT1000
  • Wastegate: Aftermarket actuators
  • BOV: Twin Turbosmart 
  • Fuel: Aeromotive 2000hp fuel pump, six 600cc injectors, six 1600cc injectors
  • Ignition: Factory
  • Exhaust: Cat delete pipe, custom Y-pipe, four-inch down pipes, custom four-inch system
  • Cooling: Factory
  • ECU: MoTeC M150


  • Gearbox: Dodson gear set, straight-cut third gear
  • Clutch: Dodson heavy duty
  • Flywheel: Dodson
  • DIFF: Factory 


  • Struts: Blitz ZZR circuit coilovers
  • Brakes: Pagid RS pads, AP Rotors, factory Brembo calipers
  • Other: Dodson adjustable front arms


  • Wheels: Factory 
  • Tyres: 315/35R20 Toyo R888 semi slicks


  • Paint: Factory, graphics by Sign King
  • Enhancements: Chargespeed Bottom Line carbon-fibre body kit


  • Seats: Factory
  • Steering wheel: Factory
  • Instrumentation: Factory
  • Other: Bose sound system


  • Power: 671kW (900hp) at the wheels
  • Hampton Downs Raceway: (Full slicks) 1:08.98, (Semi slicks) 1:10.196
  • Meremere: 10.056 at 146mph (1.6-second 60-foot)

Driver profile

  • Driver/owner: Iain Clegg
  • Age: 42
  • Location: Auckland
  • Build time: Six months
  • Length of ownership: Six months
  • Thanks: Graeme Clegg for all his help and support, Soichi Tate at ST-Hitec, Tarran at Tyre Tech, James at Mag and Turbo Ponsonby, Edwin Fong for making it happen, Grant at GT Refinishers, the master fabricator Arnie Nguyen, Glen at Dodsons Motosport and the entire ST-Hitec motorsport team