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Muddy mayhem at MudFest NZ

2 June 2016

Considering I was driving to Meremere with great anticipation on Sunday,  May 29 for MudFest NZ — an event run by 4&Rotary Promotions — I was not disappointed right from the get-go.

At the entrance to the venue, within the Meremere Dragway complex, the line of 4x4s entering soon alleviated any fears that there would be nothing to watch. And before long the five-acre paddock that had been set aside for the mayhem started to see plenty of wild mud-flinging action.

Around 100 off-road and on-road 4x4s of all descriptions, from everyday drivers to high-spec monsters designed to survive what lay ahead of them, were entered, and at any one stage there was always plenty getting down and dirty.

The course was carved up using diggers and bulldozers to create a minefield of obstacles like waterholes, creek crossings, mush pits, and muddy knobs to climb, all designed to test the competitors and their chosen machines.

Not that it was competitive — the whole event was designed for spectator participation and for the entrants to have a ball. Apart from the compulsory scrutineering and safety chat, the event essentially encouraged drivers to ‘drive like you stole it’ and go hard — and they did.

All in all, it was a very relaxed day and one event that will grow in time and become a must-do. Nice work to all involved!