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Performance patrol: Nismo-equipped police department

30 May 2016

We’ve all seen the pictures on the internet of the black-and-white Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, complete with Tokyo police livery, and now with the release of another set of Nismo vehicles we can confirm that things in Japan just get better and better. Nismo have recently given the Tokyo police department three Nismo 370Zs to patrol the highways with, and to attend shows and events. They wanted an iconic vehicle, and with the R35 GT-R most likely out of the budget (especially the Nismo R35), the company went with the 370Z. 

So, what’s different about the Nismo 370Z compared with the factory-released Nissan version? Apart from the usual exterior changes, the 3.7-litre quad-cam engine produces 18hp more than the base model, and 8Nm more torque, resulting in 350hp and 374Nm. This kind of power makes the factory R34 GT-R look like a toy … 

Not only does the Nismo 370Z get more power, the Nismo handling team went to town on the suspension set-up on this vehicle. Front spring rates have increased by 15 per cent, and the rear sway bar is 50-per-cent stiffer. Nismo-branded forged-alloy RAYS wheels make an appearance on the 370Z, too, measuring 19×9.5 inches up front and 19×10.5 inches down the back, shod in 245/40R19 and 285/35R19 Yokohama ADVAN Sport Y–rated high-performance tyres. Braking has been improved compared to the base model, too, with 355mm Nismo sport rotors up front and 350mm units down the back. Although the calipers haven’t been changed, the brake hoses have. Now, braided stainless units are in place with high-temperature fluid in place, similar to that used in the R35 GT-R. 

It sure is an interesting idea to get behind, but we’re stoked to see performance models being introduced into government-run departments around the world. Maybe the use of such vehicles will regain a higher respect from performance car enthusiasts in Japan? It would certainly be interesting to see such vehicles roaming the streets of New Zealand!

Image credit: Nissan