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Warning: reading NZ Performance Car 235 may cause obsessive chrome disorder

14 June 2016


The latest issue of NZ Performance Car has hit shelves in a store near you. Check out this sneak peek into what to expect from the pages of Issue No. 235.


Podge Reid is a man with detail on his mind. His six-year, ground-up rebuild of his Series 1 Mazda RX-7 has taken it from a beaten-up skid hack to a show-winning masterpiece. The level of workmanship that has gone into all aspects of the car, engine bay, interior, and underneath are up there with the best that New Zealand has to offer. Where this car really shines is the 90-per-cent chromed engine bay — it’s been a long while since we featured a bay this shiny, that’s for sure. 

Snow White

Omar Shahab is another builder that is pushing the level in our current show-car scene. His homebuilt Mk2 Golf, dubbed ‘Omar’s Edition’, gives us a good insight into a world that we rarely showcase in NZ Performance Car: the UK. The Golf features the best engine bay we are yet to see in a Mk2 chassis, and should serve as a great benchmark as this type of Euro scene continues to gain traction in New Zealand. 

Treasure trove

The Bosozoku culture is one of the most polarizing subcultures in the car world. Born from the wonder years of bike gangs that terrorized the streets of Japan, their wild silhouette race car–inspired street cars remain as wild as their behavior once was. Taryn Croucher checks out the biggest Bosozoku meeting on the planet, the Cannonball Festival, where there is no such thing as too wild and out there. 

Make mine a Corona

S14 Silvias don’t come much crazier than Jaron Olivecrona’s D1NZ machine. Built by Jaron and his father Kester, there is very little left that hasn’t been made fit for purpose on the chassis. The engine is also another engineering masterpiece, built by Hartley Engines — the high-compression and high-revving RB26 makes 500kW and 700Nm at the wheels. Kiwi engineering at its finest.

For all this and more, pick up a print copy of NZ Performance Car Issue No. 235 below: