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Eighteen-year-old, but close-to-new, McLaren for sale

4 May 2016

If you’re like any normal car enthusiast in your 20s or 30s, growing up, you probably idolized the McLaren F1 on video games, such as Gran Turismo. With a single centre seat, New Zealand heritage, and more horsepower than a Pikes Peak Escudo with a stage-four turbo kit, it was one to own. Now, you can buy your very own 1998 example. 

Out of the realms of the affordable, I never thought I would see the day where a vehicle such as this would come up for grabs. Before the internet, I was so separated from such a vehicle, that the only version I could get my hands on involved a plugged in controller, a bag of chips, and an entire weekend. 

Now, though, with the internet connecting every edge of the globe to one monitor, you start to see and hear things that were once only reserved for those in the know. A McLaren F1, in concours condition certainly doesn’t get missed by my watchful eye, and it appears McLaren Special Operations’ Heritage Division is selling one. The most insane part? The mileage. 

This isn’t your flogged out, been-around-the-block example. No, this example is in as-new condition with only 2800 miles on the clock. McLaren has made it clear that the vehicle will be sold as-new, too. What this means for prospective buyers, is that you will receive your 18-year-old McLaren with all the extras as it was released from the factory. 

Unfortunately, McLaren hasn’t listed a price for the McLaren yet, but, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it — much like myself. Back to playing video games it is! 

Images: McLaren