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Prowear NZ Superlap Series Spotlight: Sheep Shagga Racing R32

3 June 2016

Some of you may be familiar with the last name Vernon, and it could be via a number of activities. Whether you’ve been a fan of his drifting antics through Sheep Shagga Racing, have seen him cooking on TV, or spotted him running his charity — which helps the disabled get into drifting and motorsport — you’ll be familiar with the fact that Cam Vernon is a bloody good bugger and a very talented wheelman. 

So it came as no surprise when we were made aware that he wanted to enter a few rounds of the Prowear NZ Superlap Series, in the street class. He didn’t plan to bring his AE86 for a shot at the quickest street time, but rather his wife Rebekca Vernon’s extremely powerful RB29DET-powered R32 GTS-T Skyline. Nitto NT-05 tyres were purchased, and Cam was ready for the attack.

The strangest thing for him was driving, not sliding around Pukekohe’s turn one. The R32 proved to be an extremely quick package in full street trim and ran a 1:16.132. However a good friend of Cam’s, Hans Ruiterman, took the Street class honours on the day by a burned whisker. 

1989 Nissan Skyline GTS-T (R32)


  • Model: RB25DET, 2500cc, six-cylinder
  • Block: Custom E&H Motors 2900cc stroker crank, custom forged CP pistons, forged H-beam Eagle rods, E&H Motors modified oil galleries, modified RB26DETT ACL race bearings
  • Head: RB25DET series two, custom porting by E&H Motors, custom valve springs and retainers, HKS RB26DETT cams modified to retain factory VCT
  • Intake: GReddy-style intake manifold, 70mm throttle body, K&N air filter, stainless intake pipe
  • Turbo: BorgWarner EFR 9180, Sinco turbo manifold
  • Wastegate: TiAL 60mm
  • BOV: TiAL 50mm
  • Fuel: Tomei fuel pressure regulator, Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors, 500hp Walbro lift pump, twin 700hp Walbro external feed pumps
  • Ignition: Factory series two coil packs
  • Exhaust: 3.5-inch turbo-back system, rear muffler
  • Cooling: 50mm Fenix radiator, factory oil cooler
  • ECU: Link G4 Storm
  • Other: Electronic boost solenoid controlled by Link, deloomed engine bay, custom E&H Motors catch can, polished rocker covers, carbon fibre coil cover


  • Gearbox: R33 GTS25T five-speed manual
  • Clutch: Five-puck
  • Flywheel: Factory
  • Diff: R200 LSD


  • Struts: Tein coilovers with Tein EDFC
  • Brakes: (F) factory four-pot calipers, Znoelli rotors (R) factory twin-pot calipers, Znoelli rotors


  • Wheels: Factory R33 GT-R V-Spec II 
  • Tyres: 265/35R18 Achilles 123


  • Paint: Resprayed custom colour
  • Enhancements: Carbon-fibre D-MAX bonnet, GT-R front bumper, GT-R side skirts, GT-R end caps, GT-R rear spoiler


  • Seats: R32 GT-R front seats
  • Steering wheel: Momo
  • Instrumentation: Auto Meter boost gauge


  • Power: 520kW at the wheels on 14psi (low boost) on E85; 560kW at the wheels on 19psi (high boost) on E85 
  • Pukekohe: 1:16.132


Driver profile

  • Driver/owner: Cameron Vernon / Rebekca Vernon
  • Age: 24 
  • Location: Pukekohe, Auckland
  • Build time: Too long
  • Length of ownership: Not long enough
  • Thanks: Dan Kane at E&H Motors and Cameron Vernon’s wallet

This article was originally published in NZ Performance Car Issue No. 231. You can pick up a print copy or a digital copy of the magazine below: