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Meet Animal Style’s Julian Jacobs

16 May 2016

While it’s easy to get lost in the progression and the professionalism of top-tier drifting, and the cars and characters involved, the reality is that a huge percentage of drifters are grass-roots guys making it happen in their sheds at home. They’ll work long nights, all weekend, and go without those luxuries in life just so they can get to the track for a few laps of glory. 

NZ Performance Car first met the Animal Style drift team back in NZ Performance Car Issue No. 229. Judging by the amount of feedback we got, Kiwis really vibed their team style. But missing from that shoot was Julian and his S14. The team from Earnest recently sat down with the driving force behind Animal Style to get an insight into what makes him tick.  

Photos: Owen Barrett (
Video: Brandon Kado (@bkado36)